Propel Includes Two Compliance Tools in its Updated PLM Software

Propel, which makes cloud-based product lifecycle management (PLM) software company, has updated its product lifecycle management software with the addition of two new modules for improved product compliance: the first is a specification management and compliance solution and the second is the training records management solution.

Both solutions help companies of all sizes improve quality and reduce compliance risks, according to Propel, of Santa Clara, Calif.

The specification management and compliance module allows users to  manage product compliance requirements, such as Restriction of Hazardous Substances Director (RoHS), product safety, forced labor, intellectual property confidentiality, and conflict minerals. The training records management module lets companies in regulated industries track training compliance for all employees involved in making products.

Tracking compliance can be time consuming and error prone when products consist of thousands of parts, involve hundreds of employees and suppliers, need to meet multiple regional requirements, and undergo dozens of changes, said Brian Sohmers, Propel’s co-founder and chief product officer.

His company’s cloud PLM software provides visibility into compliance status for any product, tracks historical records and updates, and keeps managers and stakeholders in the loop, Sohmers added.

Propel’s cloud-based PLM software now includes two tools for improved product compliance: a specification management and compliance solution and a training records management solution.

The specification management and compliance tool allows users to:

  • Track compliance status to any specification on a manufacturer part or directly on an item
  • Roll-up compliance statuses on a bill of materials (BOM)
  • Use worst case scenario when dealing with multiple manufacturer parts, or declare compliance status on a parent part to override roll-ups
  • Apply specifications to Propel’s item categories for easier administration
  • Declare compliance status through a declaration process, which allows multiple stakeholders to review compliance
  • Keep records of status changes
  • Apply specific exemptions to specifications

The training records management tool includes the capability to:

  • Keep historical records of who and when an employee reviewed documents that are marked for training, and provide trainers, managers, and auditors with accurate and transparent training records
  • Create training assignments with due dates for selected trainees when a new document revision is published
  • Notify trainees and managers when a new training is assigned and when it becomes overdue
  • Create re-training assignments on a schedule
  • Allow engineers to decide on a case-by-case bases if training is required when they revision a new document
  • Track when trainees download documents
  • Require electronic sign-off with passwords, and allow trainers and managers to sign off for trainees when they don’t have system access

“Many of the companies that Propel works with are launching products at a historic pace, and they always need to make sure their latest products comply with a complex set of regulatory requirements like RoHS, Reach, or JEDEC,” Sohmers said.

REACH is an acronym for the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals regulation of the European Union, while JEDEC is a global standard for the semiconductor industry.

“Our latest software release now lowers the cost and ease of compliance for mid-market companies,” Sohmers added.

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