Solutions address trends in packaging

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) makers face many operational challenges claims PMMI’s OpX Leadership Network. Because of a persistent skills gap, designers must continually simplify machinery development, operation, and maintenance. More uptime is a constant demand. Of course, more efficiency of product and package transport is a trend too. And, equipment and machinery needs to accommodate short product life cycles and shorter runs with more frequent changeovers through automation that replaces manual changeover procedures and tools with recipe-driven, pushbutton automated changeovers.

B&R Automation offers several systems to meet the needs of these trends.


The expanded mapp (modular application) Technology functions can help overcome the skills gap. This system simplifies machinery development.

Networked safety, including safe motion and robotics, can increase uptime by slowing down packaging lines rather than stopping them.

The SuperTrak® linear industrial transport technology increases the efficiency of product and package transport and machine-to-machine integration through synchronization of open robotics.

And standards such as OPC UA and best practices identified by the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) support Internet of Things strategies.

B&R Industrial Automation

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