Brakes ensure precise control

MikiPulleyAs products move along automated packaging systems, accurate positioning is key to operation. PBZ variable torque brakes handle needs for variable torque tensioning control in automated packaging systems and similar applications.

Unlike conventional mechanical brakes, the variable torque brakes are magnetic particle brakes. They use self-contained magnetic particles that slow, stop, hold and restart a system with repeatable accuracy. The torque is independent of slip speed and is variable from zero to the rated torque.

The brakes’ precise, fast engagement ensures accurate positioning without jolts or jerking motion. This feature enables repeatable positioning of plastic film including labels, bar codes and other packaging elements with accuracy. A gradual or fast engagement setting is adjustable for different application requirements. The adjustment range is variable up to the brake’s control circuit capacity.

Another feature: These brakes do not have components that can wear. They are unaffected by atmospheric conditions, so are suited for temperature extremes in a range of operating environments.

Available in three 24/80 V models with rated torque of 3, 6 and 12 Nm, all three sizes have a 400-rpm allowable rotation.

Miki Pulley Industrial Brakes

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