Encoder helps make packaging machines operate faster

The Sendix F58 encoders combine certified EtherNet/IP support with patented mechanical and electro-optic technologies for accuracy and reliability. These optical absolute single- and multi-turn EtherNet/IP encoders have a diameter of 58 mm.

The encoders have a RPI time as low as 1 ms, which allows them to transmit position data about 5 times faster than many conventional encoders. This speed advantage makes the encoders well suited to packaging, textile and printing applications—or any other application with fast machines that could be even faster with a position sensing upgrade.

EtherNet/IP also makes the encoders easy to commission because they look start up instantly as soon as they receive power and look for their IP address settings and configure them through software. Due to EtherNet/IP’s Device Level Ring feature, the F58 encoders will not lose communication in the event of a single cable break or signal interruption.

All four models in the F58 Series use Kuebler’s Safety-Lock bearing design, a mechanical design feature that protects bearings from wear or damage due to shock, vibration or misalignment.


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