PITTMAN and Haydon Kerk Express Website for Quick Delivery Prototypes

PITTMAN Motors and Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, product divisions of AMETEK Precision Motion Control, announce the launch of a new website that allows a visitor to evaluate and order a wide variety of precision motion components for 24 hour shipment anywhere in the world.

New Express Website Haydon Kerk Pittman

The PITTMAN Express and Haydon Kerk Express website makes available a variety of components for critical linear and rotary motion mechanisms used in applications such as medical equipment, laboratory instrumentation, industrial motion systems, high end vending systems, or virtually any other system requiring precision motion. Products available for immediate shipment include:

· Stepper Motor Linear Actuators
· Precision Leadscrew and Anti-backlash Nut Assemblies
· DC Brush Motors
· DC Gearmotors
· DC Brushless Motors
· Gearboxes
· Brakes
· Linear Rail Systems

The online ordering system allows an engineer to quickly obtain off-the-shelf precision motion products for concept testing while evaluating their needs for an application-specific customized solution. PITTMAN Express offers a wide variety of DC brush motors, brushless motors, and gearmotors available in various frame sizes, continuous torque ratings, and voltages. Haydon Kerk Express offers a wide variety of linear motion products such as captive, non-captive, and external stepper motor linear actuators, stainless steel lead screws, anti-backlash nuts, and motorized/non-motorized linear rail systems. The Express product offering is a “sampling” of a much broader product line of motion components and systems. The list of online parts is extensive enough to help a product engineer quickly test a design concept.

The Express website is meant to be a “starting point” using standard, off-the-shelf motion products.
The website includes all the information necessary for a design engineer to make an informed decision including downloadable performance data, outline drawings, detailed specification sheets, and CAD models. Visit www.PittmanExpress.com or www.HaydonKerkExpress.com for more information.

After initial concept testing using parts from the Express site, a product engineer can work closely with experienced PITTMAN or Haydon Kerk engineers to “zero in” on an application-specific design. Components and systems can be customized in countless configurations ranging from simple wire harnesses or custom-molded lead screw nuts, to complex motion subassemblies with submicron positioning resolutions.


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