Student Loan Forgiveness For Engineers

How many of you are like me and will probably die with a student loan balance? Are you constantly looking for a solution that will resolve your student loan repayment situations. There may be help and it may be soon. (I use the verb “may” with added caution.) In 2008, United States President, George W. Bush, signed into legislation a “Loan Forgiveness” bill that includes  students and graduates in the engineering field/profession. President Bush’s desire was to encourage more of his citizens to enter into the engineering profession.

In a recent attempt to modify the student loan act and calm the public outcry, our federally elected officials are diligently structuring the Student Loan Forgiveness Act of 2012. Benefits of this act is imperative to know whether you qualify, or not, for specific deductions. In the link below, there are resources that should help you to determine your eligibility.…

Good luck to all of the engineers who are seeking relief. This may finally be it.


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