Timken elastomeric couplings

Timken-Less-coupling-maintenance-imageDurability for the Long Haul
When equipment operates in harsh environments reliability is crucial. Timken Quick-Flex elastomeric couplings can withstand harsh conditions, yet need minimal maintenance. They’re easy-to-install and require no lubrication. With a lifespan that can match that of your equipment, you can keep your overall cost of ownership competitively low.

Timken Quick-Flex couplings can directly replace most coupling configurations, thanks to design versatility. Plus, users won’t need large inventories of spare parts for couplings – the only part you’ll need is a urethane insert that can be replaced in just a few minutes without removing the hubs.

There’s no metal-to-metal contact with Timken Quick-Flex couplings, reducing the need to replace hubs or other metal components. For harsh environments, including wash-downs for food processing, Timken offers a stainless-steel version of each coupling.

More Uptime
Hubs and metal components remain intact with Timken Quick- Flex couplings. The design helps eliminate interference between coupling hubs that can damage your equipment.

These couplings withstand up to 2 degrees of misalignment, and they dampen vibration and shock loads in equipment.

Reduced Inventory
The versatility of the Timken Quick-Flex design promotes standardization across your plant, reducing the need to stock multiple coupling styles and configurations.


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