Turboflex Plus couplings for turbomachinery applications

WE7454 phaseOne.qxp:Layout 1Ameridrives and Bibby Turboflex, two international flexible coupling manufacturers, have collaborated to introduce a new series of high performance disc couplings designed to meet the stringent requirements of today’s turbomachinery market.

The new Turboflex Plus couplings combine Turboflex and Ameridisc disc coupling technologies together with the experience of the Ameriflex diaphragm coupling to create a coupling that is suited to sensitive high speed turbocompressors as well as low speed load applications.

Turboflex Plus couplings are an economical solution and fully API-671/ISO10441 compliant for critical oil and gas, energy, and petrochemical applications. Three different coupling types are offered for marine applications, and reduced moment high speed and critical high speed compressors used in refining and petrochemical processing.

Models are designed with overload protection features to limit secondary damage in the event of a disc pack failure. Units also feature scalloped disc pack optimized for compressor applications, 300 series stainless discs, and shrouded fasteners for reduced windage.


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