550-LV-RT — UL approved silicone for potting

Silcast 550-LV-RT is a thermally conductive silicone compound from epoxySet — a low viscosity system is ideal for potting, encapsulating and casting applications where performance at continuous operating temperatures up to 205° C are required.

It is also suitable for temperature cycling down to -55° C. This unique formulation is UL-94VO certified and offers electrical insulation as well as environmental protection. SC-550LV-RT also has excellent resistance to mechanical and vibrational shock.

The SC-550-LV-RT has an easy 1:1: mix ratio with a 2 hour working time that can be cured overnight at room temperature or as fast as 7 minutes at 150° C. The SC-550-LV-RT produces a low stress finished polymer that can be re-worked. It is self bonding to allow for multiple castings that will offer excellent seals. More after the jump.


epoxySet is a custom formulator and manufacturer of engineered epoxy, urethane, silicone and grease systems for the electronic, medical, semiconductor, optics, automotive and aerospace industries. For more information, call EpoxySet at (401) 726-4500 or email info@epoxyset.com.

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