Stackpole Expands Small Size Precision Chip Resistor Values

The RNCF Series from Stackpole is a precision thin film chip resistor series capable of achieving tolerances as tight as 0.01% and TCR as low as 2 ppm per degree C. Stackpole recently expanded the resistance value range for the 0402 chip size for all tolerances to offer values from 49.9 ohms up to 20K

Stackpole Introduces The RTAN Series Precision Thin Film Tantalum Nitride Chip Resistors

Stackpole Electronics, Inc. announces the release of their new RTAN series chip resistors. The AEC-qualified RTAN is a Tantalum Nitride precision thin film resistor that is impervious to moisture corrosion. This type of thin film technology passes biased humidity testing at 85 degrees C, 85% relative humidity, and 10% rated power for more than 1000

Newly Expanded Resistance Range for KOA Speer’s RN73H-Ultra Precision Chip Resistor

KOA Speer Electronics introduces an expanded resistance range of 47Ω to 1MΩ for their RN73H series of ultra precise thin film metal chip resistors. The new low end of the resistance range (47Ω) affects the 0402, 0603, 0805 and 1206 sizes. With a precision tolerance of ±0.05% ~ ±1.0%, and T.C.R. values of ±5 ~

CSRF 0805 and 2512 Sizes Now AEC-Q200 Qualified

Stackpole Electronics, Inc. recently announced that the 0805 and 2512 package sizes of its CSRF series current sense chip resistors are now qualified to AEC-Q200. The CSRF utilizes a foil on ceramic carrier technology that is impervious to sulfur and offers low resistance values, good TCR, and the ability to achieve small sizes. Foil on

Power Magnetics Catalog Includes Reference Designs

Premier Magnetics, global producer of high-quality magnetic components for switch-mode power supplies, DC-DC converters and data communications applications, announces the availability of its new 87-page catalog providing details…

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Power Magnetics Catalog Includes Reference Designs

Premier Magnetics, global producer of high-quality magnetic components for switch-mode power supplies, DC-DC converters and data communications applications, announces the availability of its new 87-page catalog providing details…

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SMT shunt resistors handle current sensing

TT Electronics has launched the LRMAP3920 series of high reliability, low value SMT shunt resistors for current sensing duties. With values down to 200μΩ and a power rating…

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New high temperature current sense chip resistor-UR73V

KOA Speer Electronics introduces the new UR73V, 1206 size thick film current sense resistor with a high operating temperature -55°C +155°C. The UR73V2B is AEC-Q200 qualified and has…

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New high power low Ohm resistor in 0612 Size

KOA Speer Electronics introduces the new WU73, a 1-Watt wide terminal low ohm chip resistor available in an 0612 package. The WU73 is a precision resistor offering resistance…

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TT Electronics’ SMT power inductors certified for automotive applications

TT Electronics has launched a new range of surface mount (SMT) power inductors for high frequency and high temperature applications. Named the HA65A series, the inductors are designed…

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Top power electronics threads on – October

Industrial grade robust inverter build – I have done a lot of research online about IGBTs, gate drivers, blown up many IR2110s, studied PCB layout considerations, OC/SC protection, current…

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Working with Wirewounds

by Kory Schroeder, Director of Product Marketing and Engineering, Stackpole Electronics Inc. For high currents, axial-leaded wirewound resistors are often good candidates because they can handle up to…

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Current-sense resistors handle 2 W

KOA Speer Electronics introduces the new TLR2HW metal plate chip current sense resistor in a 2010 size, featuring a 2-watt power rating and ultra low resistance of 1m…

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Low Resistance Values Ideal for Portable Consumer Electronics

The CSRF Series is a surface mount current sense resistor series that utilizes foil on ceramic carrier technology. This structure allows for very low resistance values in small…

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TI’s ultra-small FemtoFET™ MOSFETs Feature Lowest On-Resistance

Texas Instruments (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) introduced the industry’s smallest, low on-resistance MOSFETS for space-constrained handheld applications, such as smartphones and tablets. The new family of FemtoFET™ MOSFET transistors…

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Stackpole Electronics’ Sulfur-Resistant Resistor Chip

RALEIGH, NC – Providing a high-power, low-cost alternative to thick film resistive technology, Stackpole Electronics’ RNCP Series thin film chip resistors insure high accuracy with a low TCR (temperature coefficient of resistance). Offering twice the power rating compared to standard thick film technology, the RNCP Series devices feature high tolerance to harsh environments, including shock,

Step Motor Helps Robot Capture Images in 3D

Michael Comberiate, who manages the Special Projects Initiatives at the NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, and his team of graduate and undergraduate engineering students build robotic vehicles that are used to test flight avionics, instruments, communications protocols, and approaches for planetary exploration. One project involves developing new communication protocols suitable for the delays encountered in space

Resistors Deliver Precise Heating Control

Certain medical equipment requires “instant on/instant off” temperature control. IRC has developed a series of thick film planar resistive heating elements on insulated stainless steel substrates that deliver such a feature. Based on Thick Film on Steel technology (WDBR), the heating elements replace conventional heaters with an intrinsically safe, flameproof planar device that can be

MINI Analog Shunt Transducer from Phoenix Contact

MIDDLETOWN, PA ‚– The new MINI Analog Shunt Transducer from Phoenix Contact is ideal for converting and isolating mV signals from shunt resistors. The new transducer features three-way 1.5 kV isolation, low power consumption and high-quality signal transmission. Current shunt resistors are precision resistors used in the measurement of DC electrical currents by creating a

Metal Oxide Resistors

CMO Series commercial grade metal oxide resistors come in both standard and miniature sizes, with power ratings from 0.25 W to 9 W at 70° C, and a maximum operating temperature of 240° C. The resistors have a flame retardant coating and are specified for industrial and power electronics applications requiring stable performance in rugged,

High Power Chip Resistors

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX (March 2007) – Providing power electronics engineers with more options in resistive devices that meet new power supply and voltage requirements, TT electronics IRC Advanced Film Division has extended the resistance range and voltage rating of their high power dissipation surface mount chip resistors. The SC-3 series resistors now feature resistance values

Compact Surface Mount Resistor

The HSF Series resistor requires little surface area for mounting in telecom boards and is smaller than through-hole wire-wound components.  It exceeds GR1089 lightning strike specifications. The resistor’s unspiraled design removes the chance of failure during lightning strikes, and it meets GR1089 specifications. When subjected to 1000V with the standard 10 x 1000 µs profile,

TRESCO Receives Quality Performance Award

BOONE, N.C. – Master distributor TRESCO has received a quality performance award from Electronic Supply Chain Solutions, Inc for their exceptional performance throughout 2006.  Based on the quality of products and timely deliveries, TRESCO has been awarded a 100% quality supplier rating. “Electronic Supply Chain Solutions has recognized TRESCO’s commitment to exceptional quality and service,”