CPC enhances polypropylene plastic coupling series

CPC announces the further expansion of its HFC12 Series quick disconnect couplings with 14 new panel mount options that allow OEMs to easily integrate flexible tubing connections directly into their devices or equipment. The HFC12 Series and its panel mount inserts are available in polypropylene for enhanced chemical resistance and are gamma sterilizable.Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 11.44.09 AM

“The new panel mount versions of the HFC12 couplings offer both inline and elbow hose barb terminations. Combined with the valved and non-valved panel mount configurations, the HFC12 Series provides the design engineer with multiple options to easily incorporate into a device,” says Tim Jacobson, senior product manager for industrial markets at CPC. “While the integral terminations make it simple for the OEM to assemble tubing internal to the device, the panel mount feature simplifies connecting external tube sets for the user.”

The HFC12 Series couplings have flow comparable to many 1/2″ flow couplings in a 3/8″ body size. Compact and lightweight, HFC couplings replace bulky and heavy metal ball-and-sleeve couplings in a wide range of applications, including chemical handling equipment, food and beverage devices, and in vitro diagnostics (IVD) systems. An ergonomic design and a large, shrouded thumb latch pad produce a coupling that is easy to grip and simple to operate.


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