Miniature board-to-board battery connectors

Developed in response to market demand for miniaturization, the 9155-700 Series of right angle board-to-board battery connectors delivers compact, mechanically stable, high-integrity connections for use in medical, industrial, and commercial applications subject to high shock and vibration.

These 2 mm-pitch right angle battery connectors are rated for 125 Vac, up to 2A, and 5,000-cycle durability. They can be used in handheld and portable devices that require dock or cradle charging, patient monitoring devices and other portable medical electronics, industrial programming modules, point of sale (POS) terminals, and a range of IoT devices. Connector height is 4 mm, with a stable contact point 2.1 mm above the PCB. These gold-plated beryllium copper (BeCu) contacts also have two SMT anchor brackets and optional plastic-locating bosses.

Made of high-temperature nylon plastic compatible with RoHS soldering, 9155-700 Series connectors are rated for operating temperatures spanning -40°C to +125°C. Two-, three-, and four-way versions are rated for 2 A, and five- and six-way versions are rated for 1.5 A. The series also features a design that retains the contact nose within the insulator to prevent damage in both the static position and during mating deflection.

Also available are right angle board-to-board battery connectors with a 2.5 mm pitch (the 9155-500 Series) and a 3 mm pitch (the 9155-300 Series).


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