Power regulator accurate enough for sub-28 nm FPGAs

Linear Technology Corporation introduces the LTM4630­1, a dual 18A or single 36A µModule (micromodule) regulator with high precision output voltage regulation for 28nm and sub­28nm FPGAs, ASICs and microprocessors. The core voltage of these advanced digital devices requires very accurate voltage regulation at steady state (DC) and at fast load current transients. The LTM4630­1 provides precision output voltage regulation for both conditions: (a) ±0.8% maximum total DC error over line, load and temperature (­40°C to 125°C) and (b) ±3% total error, including transients, with minimum output capacitance. To power mid to high power 28nm and sub­28nm digital devices, the LTM4630­1 can be used in parallel to current share up to 144A (i.e., 4 devices x 36A). The LTM4630­1 includes a DC/DC regulator, inductors and MOSFETs in a 16mm x 16mm x 5.01mm BGA package.

The LTM4630­1 regulates an output voltage ranging from 0.6V to 1.8V and from an input voltage range of 4.5V to 15V. The user can optimize transient response of the LTM4630­1 while reducing output capacitance with an external resistor and capacitor by manipulating the loop response of the µModule regulator. With minimum output ceramic capacitors (five 220µF), the LTM4630­1’s impressive ±3% output voltage regulation window is measured with a 25% load step transient response from 12V , while delivering 36A to a 1.2V load. The efficiencies at 12V , 1.2V with 20A and 36A load currents are 87.5% and 86%, respectively. Corresponding power loss values are 3.2W and 6.5W, respectively. The LTM4630­1 delivers full 36A current up to 60°C ambient, from 12V to 1V with no air flow. Load current derates at approximately 5A per 10°C rise in ambient temperature beyond 60°C.

The LTM4630­1 is offered in two V DC precision grades of ±0.8% and ±1.5%. 1000­piece pricing starts at $37.15 each and $36.05 each, respectively.

LineartechnologySummary of Features:

  • LTM4630­1 ±0.8% Maximum Total DC Error Over Line, Load & Temperature (­40°C to 125°C)
  • ±3%Transient Error with Minimum
  • Output Capacitance
  • Optional External Loop Compensation
  • Current Sharing up to 144A

Linear Technology

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