Series LE Planetary Servo Gearhead


Cone Drive Gearing Solutions has recently launched the new Series E and Series LE planetary servo gearhead drawing configuration program –  another of its AccuDrive drawing download tools.  You can access the program at

Cone Drive Gearhead Specs

The Series LE features a new output design which is dimensionally interchangeable with most economical planetary gearheads. Additionally, the Series LE offers an improved motor mount connection and reduced noise levels. The Series E product was Cone Drive’s initial planetary product offering and features higher torque ratings and an enhanced range of ratios. 

The new Series E and LE configurators complement the recently released AccuMate servo gearhead selection program for Cone Drive’s right angle servo products.  Cone Drive plans on incorporating the planetary gearheads into the AccuMate program in the near future.

Cone Drive Gearing Solutions

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