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Crescent Industries supports our mission of building mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers’ through their entire project.

In order to provide this support for your project and future projects, we extend a wide range of contract assembly and packaging services offering a complete manufacturing solution.

Assembly – the process of making various plastic components into sub assemblies or complete assemblies

  • Build custom fixtures to aid in the assembly process
  • Simple to complex assembly operations
  • Some techniques used are Ultra Sonic Welding, UV bonding, air cured bonding, snap fit and mechanical assembly.
  • This service is offered in our general molding facility as well as our 10K (ISO 7) Clean room.
  • Packaging – package components to enclose or protect for distribution, storage or sale
  • Customer specific requests/requirements
  • Kitting, pouch tray sealing, security & tamper evident seals, bulk packaging
  • This service is offered in our general molding facility as well as our 10K (ISO 7) Clean room.

Other Secondary Operations include:

  • Pad printing
  • Annealing
  • Ultra sonic parts cleaning
  • Cap lining
  • Vacuum/pressure testing
  • CNC milling, drilling or tapping
  • Heat Staking

Secondary Operations Managed Through Outsourced Partners:

  • Laser engraving
  • EMI or RFI shielding

Click to watch our video on our contract assembly and packaging services.


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