Olloclip Advances iPhone Camera Capabilities With 3D Printing

3d printing technology

Live webinar on was Dec. 4, 2012. This webinar is available for on-demand viewing by filling out the registration form below. 

Olloclip has created the ultimate 3-in-one lens system for your iPhone using innovative 3D printing that fits in your pocket and takes your picture taking ability to the next level. Product design in the most recent years has been impacted tremendously by 3D printing and Olloclip’s camera lenses are no different. Whether it’s wide angle, fish eye or a macro picture view, this development in camera phone technology has been made possible by Objet 3D Printing. Please join Chong Pak of Olloclip and Objet Geometries as they discuss product design within the iPhone era and how 3D printing can help engineers design, create and ultimately bring products to life faster.

Watch this webinar to learn about:
-Olloclip and their fast hitting iPhone accessory
-3D printing and the design process
-Objet’s multi-platform capabilities

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