FasTest’s WEH 17 Series Connector

Minneapolis, MN–FasTest’s WEH 17 Series connector is fast and ideal for calibration of control valve actuators during manufacturing or in field applications where precision is critical to keeping control valve actuators performing reliably at maximum efficiency. Whether the control valve actuator is newly manufactured and calibrated to open or close at 3 to 15 psi or being serviced for field calibration, due to typical problems such as age, fatigue or stiction of the mechanical components, the WEH 17 Series connector is a fast, reliable and repeatable connector to interface between the control valve actuator and calibration instrumentation.

fastest weh series connector.jpg

Specifically, the WEH 17 Series connectors use a handle actuated collet system for fast, repeatable connections where no wrench tightening or thread sealant is needed, thus eliminating thread wear and damage. FasTest’s patented pressure assisted grip and seal method provides a leak-tight 5000 psi connection, and the ergonomically designed connection tools improve productivity, product quality and user comfort. The WEH 17 Series is constructed of stainless steel with nitrile seals for 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 inch thread sizes common to control valves.

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