Change seals on pumps fast

Connecting a rotating piston lobe to a hollow shaft has been improved with the ETP-EXPAND, a patented bushing device that is fast and easy to install and adjust. The ETP-EXPAND was developed to simplify exchanging seals in pumps when fluid viscosity is changed.

This bushing connects to a hollow shaft, locking the impeller/lobe wheel of the pump motor into position using just one actuation screw. Considerable space-savings are gained by mounting within the hollow pump shaft.

The patented precision bushing is just for pump applications. Its design configuration accurately expands OD of the ETP EXPAND when a single actuation screw is tightened. Since the expansion is caused by self-contained hydraulic pressure, the resulting force is perfectly even along all surfaces. Most important, the bushing aligns precisely without axial movement as it is tightened. The positioning is very accurate and takes just seconds.

Another key feature is that its robust design allows it to be actuated thousands of times with repeatable accuracy and without any axial movement. An Allen wrench is all that is required to mount and lock it into position.

ETP-EXPAND has sealed, clean lines that resist debris collection and clean easily without special maintenance. It is customizable.


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