Encoders meet the needs of electric automation

These encoders suit a range of electric based applications, including semiconductor, robotics, medical technology, and drive technology.

The ECI 4000 absolute inductive rotary encoder is for hollow shaft diameters of 180 mm. It is robust and accurate and has a modular system with a scale drum and a separate scanning unit. Mounting characteristics make them suitable for use in robots.

The ECI 4000 rotary encoder and the ECA 4000 angle encoder and the WMRA from AMO, improve the absolute position accuracy of the tool center point on industrial robots by up to 70% – 80%.

Medical technology machines and systems must often be able to gently and safely handle patients and examination equipment. This includes, for example, being able to move a patient table or examination chair as smoothly as possible during an examination.  Motion control plays an important role in the precise control of a CT scanner’s X-ray system, as well as linear accelerator in radiation therapy.

The LIC 4000 absolute linear encoder and the ECI 4000 inductive rotary encoder for a hollow-shaft diameter of 90 mm suit these needs.

The inductive rotary encoders titled ECI/EQI 1100 without bearing (diameter of 37 mm) and ECI/EQI 1300 (diameter of 65 mm) provide position feedback in dynamic applications. These encoders provide control quality and system accuracy as well as high resistance to vibrations and electromagnetic influences. All variants support safety integrity level SIL 2, category 3 PL d.


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