Ideal Power unwraps Stabiliti, a next gen power conversion system

Power conversion developer Ideal Power Inc. introduced the Stabiliti Series, a versatile, grid resilient 30 kW advanced power conversion system (PCS). Stabiliti is the next generation of Ideal Power’s patented Power Packet Switching Architecture (PPSA) and incorporates new features and benefits for commercial and industrial customers. The Stabiliti Series will replace Ideal Power’s legacy 30B3 and IBC-30 product lines and comes in two versions: a two-port ac-dc bi-directional PCS and a multi-port ac-dc-dc bi-directional PCS. The company is taking orders for delivery beginning in February 2017.

New system features including full galvanic isolation, seamless transfer in switching from grid-tied to off-grid modes, and paralleled microgrid functions.

Key features of the Stabiliti include built-in galvanic isolation, bi-directional power flows on both dc and ac ports with seamless transfer available between its grid-tied and grid-forming modes, and the ability to be paralleled in microgrid mode, enabling larger installations of multiple units for backup power applications. The system is software-configurable with power grids around the world in one hardware platform, can integrate multiple sources of generation and storage simultaneously, facilitates EV fast charging with buffer batteries, and enables peak shaving and demand management applications – all in one box.

NEC recently announced the Stabiliti will be integrated with select configurations of NEC Energy Solutions DSS distributed energy storage solution.

PPSA is an approach to power conversion that uses 100% indirect power flow to deliver a bi-directional, fully isolated conversion while eliminating a majority of the bulky passive components, such as the separate isolation transformer and bulk capacitors, that are used in traditional power conversion systems. Like Ideal Power’s previous generations of 30-kW PCS, Stabiliti is encased in a NEMA 3R rated outdoor enclosure and is wall-mounted.


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