Schneider Electric IIoT-enabled smart machine setups at Pack Expo 2017

Schneider Electric is now showing its smart-machine setups for packaging at Pack Expo 2017 (America’s largest packaging trade show) this week in Las Vegas. Schneider Electric’s smart machine setups are built on its Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled open and interoperable EcoStruxure system architecture and platform that (according to the manufacturer) delivers innovation from connected products via edge control to applications, analytics, and services.

Schneider Electric’s PacDrive 3, a complete automation setup for motion centric machines, is now integrated into the company’s smart machine setups, along with InduSoft Web Studio — the company’s human-machine interface (HMI) platform. The addition of these hardware and software technologies enhances Schneider Electric’s smart machines — so end users get greater machine productivity, flexibility, efficiency, and availability.

  • Smart machines drive innovation with connected products, analytics and edge control
  • Robotics integration simplifies visualization and predictive maintenance to reduce complexities
  • Setups suitable for array of uses in machines and processes for consumer goods industry

PacDrive 3, which is part of EcoStruxure Machine, is the company’s machine-centric automation architecture that enables machine builders to design safe, better connected, more flexible and more efficient machines through advanced digital technologies and open standards. The setup offers multiple advantages to users of PacDrive 3, including a reduction in needed cabinet space, extensive diagnostic functions, and improved visualization and predictive maintenance.

InduSoft, a Wonderware product, is a customizable HMI platform capable of allowing machine builders to offer setups with intuitive operator interfaces, and the capability to share information via mobile devices and off-site. The setup enhances flexibility, offers easy integration with PLCs and expands remote access and monitoring capabilities for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and machine builders.

“Traditionally, the speed of machinery has been determined by human action. With the introduction of robotics, speed no longer hinders production or quality,” said Ashish Patwardhan, Packaging and Material Handling Segment Marketing Manager, Schneider Electric. “Schneider Electric pioneered the use of robotics 10 years ago when we introduced embedded robots, which were fully integrated into the automation architectures of machines. Today, that highly successful approach has transformed into the Smart Machine concept, which prepares for a future in which the Industrial Internet of Things increasingly shapes production processes.”

Based on standard servo drive technology, robotics seamlessly integrate into IEC 61131-3 programmable control setups, which are based on Schneider Electric’s PacDrive motion control technology. New features for existing kinematics, more simplified program integration by Smart Template and a pre-programmed and pre-configured program module which provides embedded visualization are suitable for product handling, as well as for robot-supported packaging processes and sorting tasks, up to end-of-line packaging. With the Delta 2 robots (PacDrive T3 and T5) and the Delta 3 robots (PacDrive P2, P4 and P6), Schneider Electric offers a comprehensive range of kinematics with varying workspaces and for different product weights. The Delta 3 kinematics can now be optionally equipped with a fifth axis: A servo drive at the Tool Center Point (TCP) performs turning / tipping movements, resulting in new° of freedom and application potential for the movement of the tool or product. For more information on Schneider Electric’s smart packaging setups, visit booth S-6167 at Pack Expo.

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