Leine & Linde couples expansion of ring encoder sizes with fast delivery

Due to demand, Leine & Linde has expanded the range of standard sizes of its versatile MRI 2000 ring encoder along with offering fast delivery.  Designed to provide feedback solutions for large rotating machinery typically found in the construction, pulp & paper, oil & gas, wind and marine industries, the MRI ring encoder product line was also recently updated


Alpha Wire Gains ISO 13485 Certification for its Plant in Carson, CA

Alpha Wire has received ISO 13485:2003 certification for its Carson, California, manufacturing facility. The certification encompasses the production, assembly, and quality control processes of wire and cable. ISO 13485 is the leading quality management standard for manufacturers of medical devices. “Achieving this important ISO certification underscores Alpha Wire’s commitment to providing the highest quality wire


Harting’s Han® IP67 bulkhead housing sets new connector baseline

HARTING’s new Han® B IP67 bulkhead mounted housings offer a compelling alternative to IP65 rated connectors. The Han® IP67 Housing, as the name implies, provides IP66 and IP67 protection, and does it for virtually the same price as a comparable IP65 rated connector. As a practical example of the difference, in the locked state, the Han® IP67


New alarm management system added to Unitronics UniStream PLC + HMI

UniStream, the all-in-one PLC + HMI from Unitronics, now offers a built-in comprehensive Alarm Management System. Designed in accordance with the ISA 18.2 standard guidelines for the implementation, operation, and management of alarm systems in the process industries, the new system is supported by a recently released version of UniStream’s application development software, UniLogic. Intuitive


Low thermal expansion epoxy from epoxySet

epoxySet announces the release of the EB-315, low thermal expansion epoxy, to the line of low expansion/ thermally conductive products. This versatile material can be used as an adhesive or encapsulant for semi-conductors and other microelectronics, a gasket sealing compound, wire bonder or any application where temperature cycling between -55°C and 230°C is required. The

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Silicone Injection Molding for Prototypes and Low Volume Production

Albright Technologies announces the introduction of liquid silicone injection molding services for prototype and low volume production purposes. The addition of this product offering will enhance the company’s capabilities in the silicone prototype and production molding markets. Albright has recently acquisitioned several injection molding presses for its operation. All of the presses purchased are suited


Advanced networks make pinball games pop!

by Paul Mandeltort, Director, Parts and Accessories, Stern Pinball, Inc. Traditional pinball machines are using industrial sensor buses to bring body table games into the 21st century. Suppose you traveled back to the year 1982, found a pinball technician at a bustling arcade, and showed him/her a 2015-era pinball machine. The technician would recognize a


Inductive versus capacitive position sensors

by Mark Howard, Co-founder, Zettlex UK When it comes to inductive and capacitive position sensors, each is built quite differently, meaning that each technology is suited to particular…

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Increase uptime by controlling energy and vibration

by Chris Kudla, Senior Application Engineer, ITT Enidine Energy absorption products, such as shock absorbers and vibration isolators, can help maintain speed and throughput while keeping linear motion…

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Direct drive combines linear and rotary motions

by Ernst Blumer, LinMot & MagSpring Linear-rotary motors provide users with greater on-the-fly process flexibility. Linear-rotary motions are required in many machine applications, such as carton closing or…

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Stream Vac in line air conveyor from Nex Flow

The versatile and affordable compact air cleaning system is ideal for the removal of fumes, dust and other air pollution from work stations without the need for heavy and bulky machinery. The Nex FlowTM Stream Vac TM is an in line air conveyor that, when hooked up to a 2” hose and connected to a


Nex Flow Air Blade Ionizers

Dirt buildup is a problem in many types of production applications, especially where plastic, fiberglass or other materials that have a propensity to develop a static charge are used. It is even more difficult to remove particulate from high speed applications or from highly static charged surfaces. The Nex Flow Air Blade Ionizers have been


Protect circuitry from EM/RFI and ESD with conductive coatings

by Rohit Ramnath, Master Bond Inc. Electrostatic charge discharged through an IC can damage the IC. But protective coatings can deliver needed static protection without adding physical components that do not have any other purpose beyond ESD protection on the chip. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI, so called because the offending source


How to select and apply rail brakes

By Alex Thell, Mechanical Engineer, Nexen Group Linear guide rail brakes play a critical role in many linear motion applications by ensuring that the guide carriage and payload…

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Building the Industrial Cloud: the immediate future of M2M technology

By Johnny Fang, Product Manager and Patrick Bor, Product Manager, Moxa Industrial automation suppliers need embedded computing platforms that are optimized for machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. The fundamental challenge in designing IoT clouds for industries involves negotiating the divide between IT and IA technologies. Industrial automation protocols are fundamental to the proper functioning of the mass


Where problems arise in PCB design

by Leland Teschler, Executive Editor Even smart engineers can make dumb mistakes when they create printed circuit boards. A few stories from the trenches illustrate how problems often arise in this interview with Nancy Viter, Director of Manufacturing, Sunstone Circuits, Mulino, Ore. Some engineers think the design process is on the home stretch once the


Unified architecture aids interoperability with the IoT

by Nathan Pocock, Director of Technology and Compliance, OPC Foundation It seems as though everyone has now heard of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 and the opportunities ahead. But are you prepared to benefit from this next technological leap while maximizing your opportunity with minimal risk and cost? Since the 1990s, technology


J.W. Winco Cylindrical Anti-Vibration Mounts Now In Inch Sizes

J.W. Winco, Inc.now offers inch sized GN 451.1 / GN 451.2 / GN 451.3 Cylindrical Type Vibration Isolation Mounts with Stainless Steel Components. These RoHS-compliant vibration isolation mounts, also known as vibration mounts, anti-vibration mounts, vibration bobbins, or rubber bumpers, are suitable for the elastic mounting of machine units such as motors, compressors and pumps.

AutomationDirect adds more photoelectric sensors

AutomationDirect’s new QM series photoelectric sensors are IP67-rated sensors available in three-wire NPN or PNP styles and with visible red and infrared versions. The mini-rectangular photo eye sensors…

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What You Need to Know about the 2:1 Ratio

by Jonathan R. Schroeder, Engineer The Binding Ratio is a frequently misunderstood mechanical principle, with common misconceptions still causing stalling and application failure. A closer look at the…

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Roller Pinions, Another Way to Roll Down the Line

By Allan Conway, Nexen Group, Inc. A roller pinion system is a linear drive approach that combines the best features of ball screws, rack and pinion, belt drives and linear motors while eliminating many of their short comings. To meet the goals of designing machines and equipment that are faster, more precise, and require less


The Internet of Things: Game Changer or Reboot?

By: Leslie Langnau, Managing Editor Is the Internet of Things really new, and if so, how will it affect you? Or is it a marketing ploy to package IT services? Here we go again. If you have been involved in designing/developing components and systems for manufacturing for a decade or two, the Internet of Things

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Webinar: Aluminum Extrusion Design And The Role It Plays In High Performance Cooling Solutions

Webinar was April 8, 2014. Fill out the form below to view this webinar on demand. As power densities continue to increase, so does the demand for an efficient means of cooling electronics in a cost effective manner. This is leading to a transition from basic heat sinks to high performance heat sinks. Whether that


Harvesting Energy in Challenging Environments

By Sol Jacobs, Tadiran Batteries A new type of rechargeable lithium-ion battery delivers reliable, long-term power for remote wireless devices powered by energy harvesting. If a self-powered wireless device is intended for use in a remote location, and exposed to extreme environmental conditions, it is essential to choose the right power management system. This decision


Glide-Line Pallet and Panel Handling Systems

Glide-Line offers the most versatile multi-strand panel and pallet-handling conveyor solution available for the assembly automation industry. Advanced configuration tools streamline the design experience, ensuring the Glide-Line will meet your exact specifications. Glide-Line’s digital manufacturing process means fast, efficient manufacture of your specific configuration, and our configuration tool generates real-time part numbers and pricing, so