Applying Industrial Ethernet

Tips and techniques that will help you set up and maintain an industrial Ethernet network. Industrial Ethernet is used to connect devices such as PLCs, local and distributed I/O, servo controllers and drives on the plant floor and in industrial facilities. In this capacity, it links many pieces of hardware—and has many cables, connections and

Advanced epoxy adhesives revolutionize structural bonding

by Walter Brenner, PhD, Founder, Master Bond Inc. Structural polymers offer distinct advantages over traditional fastening methods. Here, we explore the cornerstones of successful structural bonding. Structural bonding is defined as the process of joining parts together using an adhesive as opposed to conventional mechanical fasteners or assembly methods such as soldering, brazing or welding.

The challenges of the Industrial Internet of Things and communications at the edge

by Tony Paine, Platform President, Kepware IIoT promises to let everything within an industrial environment connect to get complete visibility into operations and allow the best real-time decisions—with or without human intervention. In a perfect world, the IIoT connects all hardware and software components (the Things) that comprise an automation system. These connections will bring

The new era of design for the IIoT

by Ralf Neubert, Senior Director of Innovation and Technology, Industry Business, Schneider Electric The IIoT promises more operational efficiency and lower costs thanks to close coupling of machines and systems. The advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) has brought the need for more connected components and for designing with automation in mind. The Industrial

Industrial pushbutton switches available with customizable graphics

C&K Components has announced that they have added painted and laser-etched symbols to the backlit caps on the APB Series industrial pushbutton switches. Available LED’s in either blue or white, the backlit caps provide a highly visible indication that the switch has been activated or turned on. Additionally, since the LEDs are independent of the

Media isolated pressure sensors from All Sensors

All Sensors Corporation has announced a brand new offering of media isolated pressure sensors. The first line released is the ceramic CPM 602 Series. These new pressure sensors…

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5 million cylce ultra long life SMT tact switches from C&K

C&K Components has expanded its KSC Series sealed SMT tact switches with the addition of four ultra long life switches that deliver up to 5 million cycles. Featuring momentary action functionality, single-pole, single-throw (SPST) contact arrangement, the IP67-rated KSC Series ultra long life switches are designed to withstand intensive use in various industrial environments, and

It’s about time: the evolving time-sensitive networking standard for the Industrial IoT

by Todd Walter, National Instruments, AVnu Alliance Industrial Segment Chair IoT adoption promises increased amounts of data over widely distributed networks. This change will require new standards for sharing and transferring critical information. One approach will be Time-Sensitive Networks, a new standard from the IEEE 802 committee. The Internet of Things (IoT) promises a world

How to get predictable and reliable linear motion

by Bob Ward, Product Manager, Rollon Corp. Here are some tips on how to correctly specify and size a linear-motor-driven actuator using the mnemonic ACTUATOR—short for accuracy, capacity,…

Linear Motion Tips

Linear encoders improve accuracy

by Product Management Dept., HEIDENHAIN CORP. Linear encoders boost accuracy by correcting errors downstream of mechanical linkages. Linear encoders track axis position without intermediate mechanical elements. The encoders…

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Compact Ultrasonic Sensors in Thermoplastic and Stainless Steel

Carlo Gavazzi is pleased to announce a new range of compact ultrasonic sensors, available in M18 housings constructed of thermoplastic (UA18CSD Series) and stainless steel (UA18ESD Series). These…

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Taking the simple O-ring to new levels

Edited by Mary C. Gannon, Senior Editor LSR (liquid silicone rubber) O-rings are growing in use in a variety of high-volume production applications, especially in life sciences. O-rings are the most commonly used seal, featured in applications from aircraft engines to chemical processing lines, the hydraulics in tractors to subsea down-hole tools. They account for

Networking for industrial machine tool building

by Todd Walter, National Instruments If the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) takes off, machines will depend on free flowing data within and between other machines. Updates to standard Ethernet will support these needs. In the U.S. alone industrial machines are an over $200-billion market. This competitive market has undergone an evolution in the last

Key design tips for working with adhesives

by Kevin Balben, Product Specialist, DELO Industrial Adhesives For the latest materials, adhesive bonding is a better way to join. Here are key tips that will ensure a solid, reliable bond. Structural bonding has many advantages over conventional joining technologies. It’s best to consider adhesives early on in the design phase to take full advantage

Using linear and rotary Hall-effect and reed sensors

by Gwenn Gmeinder, N.A. Busines Development Manager, Sensor Products, Littelfuse Analog and digital sensors are accurate and reliable over the long term. Here we explain how to choose…

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Herrmann Ultrasonics, Inc. 360° of Ultrasonic Engineering

Over the past 25 years, Herrmann Ultrasonics has grown from a small start-up to an industry leader with a strong global presence in ultrasonic engineering. With a quarter century of technical knowledge under their belt in the fields of industry and science, Herrmann opened its doors to potential customers and current customers for their 1st

Edison Nation Hosts the Amazon Inventions Tour

Edison Nation is teaming with Amazon to host the Amazon Inventions Tour in Atlanta beginning Friday, September 25, 2015 through Saturday, September 26, 2015 from 7AM to 7PM EST at the Infinite Energy Center in Duluth, GA (formerly Gwinnett Center). The Amazon Inventions Tour provides startups and inventors with an opportunity to privately pitch their

SPIROL Receives Nadcap Recertification

SPIROL International Corporation is proud to announce reaccreditation by the Performance Review Institute (PRI) for meeting the stringent audit criteria requirements of Nadcap Nonconventional Machining. SPIROL is certified to the Aerospace standard AS9100. However, many of the most demanding companies in the world, such as those in the Aerospace industry, require Nadcap approval above and

Image dimension measurement system makes tolerance checks faster

Lisi Medical’s plant in Miribel, France, specializes in the outsourcing of surgical implants and ancillary items. Consisting primarily of plates and screws, these parts require precision manufacturing and are inspected by the plant’s metrology department. The typical tolerances allowed range from 0.1 to 0.05 mm. “We measure around thirty points on each part. We perform

Micro stepping linear motors help imaging research

Aircraft and spacecraft carry high-resolution thermal imaging systems that were not available a few years ago. Today’s systems are the result of research using X-ray crystal diffraction for crystal characterization. These crystals are then used in the high-resolution or short-wave thermal imaging systems. The wavelengths of visible light are too long to see features and

How to creatively replace discontinued universal joints

A global designer, manufacturer and integrator of precision motion control products needed universal joints for sensor applications of aircraft wing high lift actuation systems (HLAS). Because the company’s original universal joint vendor discontinued the product, it had to locate a new supplier who could satisfy an extremely tight production schedule quickly and skillfully. The new

Don’t rule out leadscrews

by Robert Lipsett, Site Leader and Engineering Manager, Thomson Industries Here we explain where leadscrews excel in linear-motion applications. Then we explain how to apply them. Ballscrews are…

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AutomationDirect expands interlocking safety switch offering

AutomationDirect’s safety products offering includes additional interlocking safety switches. IDEM’s INCH and MK1 series of miniature tongue interlock safety switches are designed to fit leading edge, hinged or lift-off machine guards; available shaft hinge interlock switches are designed to fit edge-hinged gates. With a very compact 16.5mm to 18mm or 16.5mm to 22mm mounting profile,

GE Rugged proves itself in space

GE Energy Management’s Intelligent Platforms  business announced that its CR11 single board computer (SBC) has been successfully deployed and is fully operational  onboard the International Space Station (ISS) as part of the continuing experiments by the European Space Agency (ESA) taking place way above the earth. The CR11 is at the heart of the supporting

New PEM VariMount fastening system

The new PEM® VariMount™ fastening system (Type VM) from PennEngineering® utilizes proven self-clinching technology paired with a round steel or stainless steel base plate to offer a clean and ready-made assembly for mounting into any rigid material or panel, including composites, plastics, and metals.  Multiple radial holes in the base plate and a generous footprint