Exact Positioning Ensures Clear Images of The Universe

When the Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array (ALMA) observatory is completed in 2013, it will have 66 high-precision antennas working together at millimeter and submillimeter wavelengths. Today, 25 of the 66 antenna are equipped with Heidenhain angle encoders. The antennas are interconnected to comprise a single telescope that is already capturing images from light years away.

Smart Charging Stations

As gasoline prices continue to climb in the U.S. and Europe, the need for alternative energy for cars looms large. Electric mobility is becoming a market to be taken seriously. This sector refers primarily to vehicles that are driven by electric motor. Modern electric cars can reduce CO2 emissions in urban areas and, insofar as

Threaded Plugs with Finger Grip from J.W. Winco

J.W. Winco, Inc. now offers series GN 441 and GN 442 Threaded Plugs with Finger Grip. These RoHS-compliant plugs are available with NBR seal (GN 441) or VITON® seal (GN 442). The threaded plugs have an external diameter matching the screw-in holes for DIN 3852 pipe bolt connections. The seal is embedded in a radial

High flying kite monitored with sensors

The Quad Cities Collaboration in Iowa set out to perform  low altitude flight tests . The objective was to generate a remote display of a kite's orientation and location using only wirelss inertial and GPS sensors. The result successfully monitored tri-axial acceleration, angular rate, magnetic field, and altitude from a distance of more than 200

PolyOne Launches reFlex 100 Bio-plasticizer

PolyOne Corporation introduced reFlex 100, a fast-acting bio-based plasticizer, at NPE 2012. This new technology is produced from rapidly renewable plant-based feed-stocks, and was developed in collaboration with Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM). In addition, it is one of the first bio-plasticizers to be awarded recognition by the USDA Bio-Preferred program, which has granted reFlex

Locating Pins from J.W. Winco Offer Perfect Fit and Easy Installation

J.W. Winco, Inc. now offers series GN 771.1 Locating Pins in metric sizes. These RoHS compliant components are normally used in conjunction with DIN 172 / DIN 179 drill bushings.   The tolerance of the pin diameter insures a perfect press fit into an H7 tolerance mounting bore, while the chamfer of the pin makes

Simulation Drives Monster Machines

Arktos Developments Ltd. (ADL), designer and manufacturer of an amphibious vehicle known as the Arktos Craft, uses Autodesk’s simulation software to prepare its products to operate in some of the world’s most environmentally demanding locations. Originally designed as an amphibious evacuation craft for Arctic offshore oil facilities, the Arktos Craft can move from -50° C

Tips for Successful Laser Direct Structuring

Laser direct structuring (LDS) creates circuit traces on molded thermoplastic components. It is one of the leading technologies for producing cell phone antennas, molded interconnect devices (MIDs), components for medical devices, security shields, automotive sensors, and GPS antennas. LDS can be a lower cost method of manufacture over more traditional methods, with savings coming from

Rogers to Exhibit BISCO® Silicone Materials at Upcoming Aircraft Interiors Expo 2012

The High Performance Foams Division of Rogers Corporation (NYSE:ROG) will be exhibiting its BISCO® silicone materials at the upcoming Aircraft Interiors Expo 2012 at the Hamburg Messe, Hamburg, Germany, 27-29 March 2012 (Stand # 7H30). The company will be introducing an innovative cushion material designed to create a thinner, more durable aircraft seat cushion. The

Rogers to Show and Present Power Electronics Solutions at the Motor, Drive & Automation Systems Conference

Rogers Corporation (NYSE:ROG), represented by its Power Distribution System (PDS) Division, will showcase some of its more popular products for power electronics applications at the upcoming Motor, Drive & Automation Systems Conference, March 13-14, at the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando, FL. The Motor, Drive & Automation Systems Conference (www.e-driveonline.com) is an industry-leading conference focused

Hydraulic Cylinder Performance Enhanced with Crack Simulation

Much like a human arm with interconnected bones, muscles, and tendons, earth moving equipment components must harness a complex array of parts to perform in perfect synchrony. Key to an earth mover’s fluid movements is an array of hydraulic cylinders, located along the boom, arm and bucket, that act as actuators to convert hydraulic energy

High Speed Sorting System Reduces Downtime

Ambassador Packaging LLC recently completed phase one of a high speed packing sorter system to help improve production and operational efficiencies. With the ability to remotely monitor and restore service, they can expedite troubleshooting and improve system restoration response time. Ambassador has the capability to remotely access the programmable logic controller (PLC) and human machine

Compact Jaw Couplings for All-purpose Samplers

When Hach Company engineers were designing the driveline of the Sigma SD900 Sampler, an all-weather device for the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and waste water treatment plant (WWTP) process control, they needed a compact, zero backlash coupling to be positioned between the motor and a peristaltic pump. Coupling, size, vibration damping characteristics, and

Rogers to Discuss Key Material Solutions and Exhibit at APEX IPC 2012

Rogers Corporation (NYSE:ROG) will be attending the IPC APEX EXPO® Conference & Exhibition scheduled for February 28 through March 1, 2012 at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, CA. The IPC APEX EXPO (www.ipcapexexpo.org) is a leading industry event for electronics manufacturing and assembly, with a full technical conference and almost 400 exhibition

Rogers Corporation to Showcase Products at APEC 2012

Rogers Corporation, represented by its Power Electronics Solutions (PES) Business Group, will showcase some of its more popular products for power electronics applications at the upcoming APEC 2012 conference and exhibition. Rogers’ products for power conversion and distribution will be on hand at the upcoming APEC 2012 exhibition. APEC 2012, the Applied Power Electronics Conference

Zinc Die-Cast Stop Locks From J.W. Winco

J.W. Winco, Inc. announced it now offers series GN 702 Zinc Die-Cast Stop Locks with four indexing positions. These metric sized, RoHS-compliant stop locks offer a fast and easy way to close and hold doors, flaps, slide-in models, etc. by locking in four 90° positions.   Three versions are offered: with flange for surface mounting,

Quiet Bikes Require NVH Testing

When world-class motorcycle manufacturer Husqvarna (now part of the BMW Group) faced a noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) problem, they approached LMS to help them analyze the sound performance of its motorcycles. Husqvarna had two bikes they wished to test. Both were struggling to meet new noise regulations. The racing bike needed to pass the

Lightweight Antennas for Heavy Jobs

Greenwave Scientific, designer and manufacturer of special purpose antennas for the U.S. Military and Joint Forces, teamed with SelectConnect Technologies to develop a lightweight conductive housing for their Bullet broadband antenna. The Bullet is a metal plated, injection molded plastic antenna that is lightweight, durable, inexpensive, and provides multi-octave broadband performance. Mark Buff, Greenwave president

Locks with Longevity

Typically, bank vault combination locks break as a result of daily use. These locks are precision mechanisms that should receive yearly maintenance–especially lubrication to minimize the effects of metal-on-metal contact between internal components. In the real world, these locks usually get attention only when they fail. “Bankers aren’t big on preventive maintenance,” said Daniel Graffeo,

Ball Screw Guides Retractable Wall

Chicago Scenic Studios, Inc. (CSSI) designs and builds television studio sets, exhibits, and special-event stages. When the company was approached to design a set for a local TV talk show, there were several design challenges. According to Mark Ewing, CSSI head of automation, the set design included a system for vertically lifting and retracting transparent,

Motion Controllers for Complex Electronics

The National Synchrotron Light Source II (NSLS-II) being built by Brookhaven National Lab (BNL) is a $912-million electron accelerator project scheduled to open June 2015. Research from NSLS-II will focus on developing the world’s next generation of sustainable energy technologies based on materials that have not been designed or fabricated yet. Researchers will be able

EPIC®ULTRA Connectors from The Lapp Group

The Lapp Group has developed a new line of rectangular connector housings designed to thrive in corrosive, electrically noisy or mechanically challenging environments. Called EPIC® ULTRA, the new housing features nickel-plated zinc hoods and bases with stainless-steel hardware. Together, these corrosion-resistant materials allow the new housing to survive in applications that that would prove challenging

Tubular Handles With Power Function from J.W. Winco

J.W. Winco, Inc. announced it now offers series GN 331 and 332 Tubular Handles with Power Function in metric sizes. These RoHS-compliant tubular handles are designed for unlocking safety tumblers in sliding or rotating doors. Switches, pushbuttons and LEDs that are normally installed in external operating panels, are here integrated in an attractively shaped tubular

Cam Point Screws and Cam Point Levers from J.W. Winco

J.W. Winco, Inc. now offers series GN 418 Cam Point Screws and GN 418.1 Cam Point Levers in metric sizes. These RoHS compliant components are maintenance-free clamping elements designed for a wide variety of different uses and applications, including clamping flat or round workpieces, centric clamping in bore holes, and multiple clamping in tight spaces.

Product Designs Require Careful Calculations

When QSI Corporation, now Beijer Electronics, decided to redesign a small human-machine interface (HMI) terminal, a team headed up by design engineer Bill Devenish sought to develop a simpler product to help the company become more profitable. They used Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) software to compress development cycles and identify ways to lower