Weintek smart communication gateway cMT-G01 eliminates need for separate HMI

In a recent video with Design World executive editor Lee Teschler, we got the chance to review a Weintek cMT-G01 smart communication gateway. The new gateway is smart because it performs jobs that would normally require a separate HMI.

This gateway supports more than 300 protocols and controller brands.  That’s in contrast with other communication gateways that incur high integration cost due to limited connectivity. The cMT-G01 integrates multiple devices in one … supporting Modbus TCP/IP, MQTT, and OPC UA client/server communications. Because the gateway executes protocol conversions, it allows upper-management system access to any cMT-G01-attached controller through Modbus TCP/IP. In fact, the gateway can transmit all controller data to SCADA and ERP systems. Plus the gateway’s built-in MQTT server/client and OPC UA server facilitate integration of distinct onsite devices.

Besides integrating multiple devices, the cMT-G01 gateway is equipped with data acquisition capabilities and the same analysis functions as an HMI — such as capture event log, for example. It can implement data transfers (of recipe data and more) between devices. The gateway can also run macros to perform arithmetical and logical operations … and it supports a scheduler to trigger events at specified times. MQTT and OPC UA protocols are built-in features to support a TLS/SSL certificate system designed for secure data transfer.

More specifically, the gateway works with Weintek’s EasyAccess 2.0 remote-access software. Information is encrypted with TLS/SSL to protect against hacking and ensure data integrity. When connecting with EasyAccess 2.0, the gateway can send real-time alarm notifications and emails with a push-notification function. It also lets personnel troubleshoot HMIs and PLCs from remote locations with a pass-through function. Combining the cMT-G01 with EasyAccess 2.0 enables an array of features that boost efficiency while reducing potential productivity and profit losses.

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