IER Fujikura Umbrella Check Valves

IER Fujikura Umbrella Check Valves are designed to be a normally-closed valve, allowing flow in one direction. The valve opens and closes at present pressures for each rubber material option. We offer a wide range of pre-engineered sizes and can custom design a valve to meet your specific application needs.


Typical applications for the valves include fluid control, dispensing, emission control, pumps and medical equipment.

The valves are highly responsive to minor pressure changes and offer precise metering and control of fluids, while delivering repeatable, stable flow during operation.  The valves seal to a leak-free, air-tight closure.

Molded material options:

• Nitrile,NBR

• Fluorosilicone,FVMQ

• Fluorocarbon,FKM

• Silicone,VMQ

• Ethylene Propylene,EPDM

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