Balluff’s new photoelectric BOS 21M ADCAP is at the forefront of innovation

Balluff is excited to announce the release of the new technically advanced BOS 21M ADCAP photoelectric sensor.  Configuration of this multi-function sensor is accomplished via IO-Link.  This sensor enhances Balluff’s industry leading portfolio of photoelectric sensors which includes all standard sensing modes & miniature sizes.  In addition the BOS 21M ADCAP satisfies the requirements of

New incremental Linarix draw wire sensors

POSITAL is expanding our incremental encoder family to add our line of draw wire sensors. These new programmable linear sensors allow for even more versatility to our ever expanding LINARIX series. A unique Internet-enabled configuration management system for programmability lets our users update and program these sensors on the spot. Variety of measurement lengths, from

Edge Computing System MICA integrates wireless sensors

HARTING`s compact yet powerful edge computing system MICA (Modular Industrial Computing Architecture) now offers wireless functionality. HARTING teamed with Arrow Electronics, a member of the, to develop the MICA Wireless Sensor Networks solution that adds wireless communications to the machine-monitoring system. The two companies unveiled this MICA enhancement at this week’s SPS IPC Drives

Universal-voltage motor thermistor relay comes in compact package

The DIN-rail-mounted DTA04 features universal input voltage, giving it the flexibility to be installed in a variety of control panels. This thermistor relay protects electric motors from overheating, ensuring continuous production and preventing machine downtime. Simplicity, versatility, and reliability are crucial for most users as they select monitoring controls to protect motors and equipment. The

Stainless steel, media isolated pressure sensors

The SPA 402 Series is a new, amplified pressure sensor offering excellent performance in various applications, especially for low and middle pressure and smaller solutions. Media-isolated sensors are designed to operate in hostile environments, yet offer the outstanding sensitivity, linearity, and hysteresis of a silicon sensor. This pressure sensor is compatible with 316L stainless steel,

Ethernet data logger handles up to 8 industrial sensors

TCW220 has two analog inputs, with 10-bit resolution and two discrete inputs. It supports a 1-Wire interface for up to eight Teracom 1-Wire sensors – carbon dioxide, 0/20mA, AC/DC current, temperature, humidity, etc.   All monitored parameters can be logged on previous set time intervals and/or on alarm conditions. The memory is large enough for

New Low-Cost Linear Position Sensors from POSITAL

POSITAL has extended its range of LINARIX linear position sensors with new low-cost versions of these rugged and versatile industrial measurement tools. The new products make use of compact, inexpensive plastic draw wire assemblies in place of the metal components used in earlier models. They are ideal for monitoring the linear position of components in

SenSet Field Programmability Trademarked by Alliance Sensors Group a div of H.G. Schaevitz LLC

Alliance Sensors Group is pleased to announce its “SenSet™ Field Programmability” technology is now a standard feature in its LR, LRS, LV, MR-7, SS-7, MHP-7 and ME-7 linear position product lines. SenSet™ allows a user to perform a field calibration to adjust for mechanical tolerance variations with the ease of pushing a button or grounding

Flat Top Beam Shapers Convert Gaussian Beam Profile to Flat Top Profile

Edmund Optics® (EO) introduces new Flat Top Beam Shapers. These refractive field mapping optical systems convert a Gaussian beam profile to a flat top profile with near 100% efficiency. No internal focusing enables use with high power lasers. Flat Top Beam Shapers convert collimated Gaussian input beams into collimated flat top beams with a uniform

4-Wire Complementary Output Inductive Proximity Sensors

CARLO GAVAZZI is proud to announce the launch of the new 4-Wire. Complementary Output Inductive Proximity Sensors with the expansion of the ICB Series. For people who cannot afford to have a line down due to the lack of an available part, having the correct components for replacement, means significant reduction of machine downtime. Carlo

New Genie Nano Cameras Built Around Sony’s 1/3” CMOS Image Sensors

Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne Technologies company, today introduced two new models in its high-value, versatile high speed Genie Nano Camera Series. Spearheaded by the latest IMX273 sensors from the Sony Pregius CMOS family, these new Genie Nanos are designed around 1/3” CMOS image sensors that replace Sony’s soon-to-be discontinued CCD sensors. The new models are

AutomationDirect adds 3-Color and 12-Color Sensors

Wenglor color sensors from AutomationDirect reliably select color objects in automated high-speed processes based on previously defined reference colors. The sensor pulsed white light is insensitive to extraneous light and makes reliable color recognition possible even at varying scanning distances. Applications include detection of color markings on print marks, labels and packages; color object sorting;

Current Sense Chip Resistor Kits Offer a Range Of Sizes And Values

Stackpole’s current sense kits are a compact folder containing a variety of 1% tolerance resistance values in a choice of 1206, 2010, or 2512 chip sizes. Stackpole offers values from various series to provide a broad range of values. Higher resistance values are thick film technology, where the lower resistance values will be foil on

NK Technologies Introduces VTD-BD Series Voltage Transducer for Sensing DC Voltage

NK Technologies introduces the VTD-BD Series Voltage Transducer for sensing voltage in DC-powered installations. The high-performance VTD-BD is applicable for use on circuits to 600 VDC. It provides a fully isolated +/-5 VDC or +/- 10 VDC output signal in response to DC voltages that change polarity. The VTD-BD is housed in an easy-to-install DIN

Z-Series Magnetic Marker Types For Angle Sensor Applications

Novotechnik, U.S. introduces a selection of four magnetic marker types designed to suit various mounting applications for their RFC— and RFD—Series of touchless rotary angle sensors that provide absolute, rotary position. These two sensor families utilize a magnetic pickup to provide a touchless measurement range of 0 to 360° and makes measurements through air and

Sager Electronics Expands with Sensata’s BEI Sensors

Sager Electronics, a distributor of Interconnect, Power and Electromechanical components, announced the addition of BEI Sensors to its line card. BEI Sensors specializes in speed and position sensors for extreme applications, and joins Crydom and Airpax as part of Sensata brands distributed by Sager. David Foster, Sensata’s Americas Channel Manager, commented, “Sager’s commitment to uncovering

Compact eddy current sensor fits semiconductor clean room needs

Manufacturing and design industries require increasing precision of measurement, and selecting the right non-contact proximity measuring system can be essential to a successful project that stays on time and on budget. Selecting the right technology for a non-contact proximity measuring system will come down to environment and performance requirements. The primary three technologies used are

High-performance MEMS capacitive accelerometers feature improved temperature performance, scale factor and bias temperature shifts

Silicon Designs Inc. has announced the global market introduction of six new series of low-cost, high-performance MEMS capacitive accelerometers, in both traditional and smaller footprints. These include the single axis Model 2220 or triaxial Model 2470, featuring aluminum housings and a standard 1 meter integral cable; the single axis Model 2240 or triaxial Model 2480, featuring […]

AutomationDirect adds wide area sensors

AutomationDirect has expanded its sensors offering to include wide area sensors for object detection. The new area sensors from Micro Detectors (MD) are multi-beam, through-beam sensors with emitter and receiver elements used for detecting the presence of any object by sensing the light beam intensity returning from the receiver. The area sensors have an IEC […]

Precision magnetic encoders now available with CANopen interface

POSITAL’s IXARC high-precision magnetic absolute rotary encoders are now available with CANopen interfaces. These new interface option is in addition to the previously announced SSI, EtherNet/IP, EtherCat, Powerlink, Profbus DP and Profinet interfaces. Together, this range of interface choices makes the rugged and compact IXARC encoders one of the most versatile devices of its type […]

How does analog to digital conversion impact sensor accuracy?

When an analog sensors’ output is converted to a digital output with an analog to digital converter (ADC), conversion resolution, conversion accuracy, conversion speed or bandwidth, inherent system noise levels, and power consumption are all ADC tradeoffs. Errors due to temperature, supply voltage, linearity, quantizing, and other factors may reduce the accuracy of an ADC […]

What are common ways to protect a sensor from harmful exposure?

For a sensor, the amount of harmful exposure it receives from the environment and harmful constituents in the measuring process depends on what is being sensed and the environment itself. Different packaging is required to cope with and survive the specific situation. Two major considerations for protection are at the sensing element/transducer level or at […]

New Diaphragm-Operated Pressure Switches For Tough Environments

For operation in tough environments, Sigma-Netics Inc. has added two diaphragm-operated options to its portfolio of ruggedized pressure switches. Similar products were only previously available in piston-based operations. The new 745 and 785 series of pressure switches are designed for low-pressure, high-sensitivity applications, including off-road or industrial OEM equipment, train braking systems, compactors, compressors and […]

Kaman Measuring announces KD-5100 differential measurement system

The Measuring Division of Kaman Precision Products Inc. announces the availability of its KD-5100 differential measurement system, which provides resolution to a nanometer of positional change. With its proven stable design, extremely small size, and low power consumption, the KD-5100 is ideal for night vision systems, precision telescope positioning, fast steering mirrors (FSM) for space-based […]

PCB Piezotronics supplies accelerometers for GOES-R weather satellites

PCB Piezotronics has supplied Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company with accelerometers for use on NOAA’s GOES-16 weather satellite. GOES-16 is the first of four Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite-R Series (GOES-R) next-generation weather satellites. The advanced spacecraft and instrument technology used on the GOES-R series will result in more timely and accurate forecasts and warnings. It will improve […]