IDEC now sells new stepper motion control products

IDEC Corp. introduces a line of motion control stepper products in conjunction with Advanced Micro Controls Inc. (AMCI), an established developer of motion control systems. This AMCI by IDEC product line includes controllers, stepper motors, an integrated controller/drive, an integrated drive/stepper motor, and an integrated controller/drive/stepper motor. When combined with an IDEC FC6A PLC and […]

Bodine’s new planetary PMDC gearmotors double torque

Bodine Electric Co. now sells 24A4-60P planetary PMDC gearmotors. These integral gearmotors combine Bodine’s high-performance type 24A PMDC motor with the all-new 60P (60 mm) planetary gearhead. It is suitable for applications that need higher torque than conventional helical or spur gearheads of a similar size can provide … and where very low backlash gearhead […]

Application example: HMI on medical-device manufacturing equipment

Most hospitalized patients receive an IV soon after admission … and sometimes insertion of the needle is painful. But once placed, discomfort subsides — as the plastic tubing that connects the IV bag to the arm is shaped to smoothly glide into veins and remain comfortable during use. Equipment made by Silverstone Automation — the manufacturer’s […]

9 considerations when picking servocouplings for servo applications — and 4 references from

Couplings for servo applications usually connect precision drives to sensitive loads, so they cannot induce any error. That’s why servocouplings should be zero backlash — to prevent issues with timing and predictability (not to mention failures due to hammering on reversing axes). Couplings for servo applications must also have high torsional stiffness while imparting slight […]

What is a rack and roller pinion?

A rack and roller pinion system is a variation of a standard rack-and-pinion. It takes the traditional rack and pinion concept and advances it by replacing spur gear teeth with bearing supported rollers that engage a unique rack tooth profile. Rollers ride the rack-tooth surfaces with repeatability to about 2.5 μm from one direction (or […]

Filament extrusion machine builder gets industrial-grade performance with custom gearing and a PWM drive

Filabot, a manufacturer of plastic-extrusion machines for the 3D printing market, has just released its new and improved EX6 filament extrusion machine. The Filabot EX6 improves overall extrusion process control and consistency compared to previous models, by adding features which are standard on industrial-scale extruders. The EX6 has a higher output compared to other systems […]

Controller-drivers steer stepper-motor-driven sample-transfer machine

Gatan Inc. makes specimen-preparation equipment and recently built an alpha prototype of a new machine. The iPrep prototype mounts to a scanning electron microscope (SEM) and shuttles samples back and forth between a processing chamber and SEM receiving dock. Within the processing chamber, two broad-beam ion guns polish samples. The iPrep’s automated transfer mechanism allows […]

Spur gears: What are they and where are they used?

Spur gears are a type of cylindrical gear, with shafts that are parallel and coplanar, and teeth that are straight and oriented parallel to the shafts. They’re arguably the simplest and most common type of gear – easy to manufacture and suitable for a wide range of applications. The teeth of a spur gear have […]

Example of tight torque-limiter integration for overload protection

Ideally engineers would anticipate the need for overload protection in a drivetrain and include it in the original design. But overload problems often only appear after equipment is in use. Such designs require torque-limiter retrofits, even if existing assembly geometry is tight. Making the issue more challenging is that end users often want a solution […]

Compact closed-loop motion controller provides nanometer resolution for miniature piezo motor micrometers

PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. has announced a new compact closed-loop motion controller. The new E-871.1A1N digital servo controller is the latest model in a series of drivers and controllers specifically designed for inertia-motor based opto-mechanical actuators (piezo ratchet drives) that are widely used in the semiconductor, laser and photonics industry for fine-tuning of complex systems. […]

Four lessons learned from igus CEO Frank Blase

On a recent press tour of igus’ Cologne, Germany headquarters, I had the pleasure of chatting with Frank Blase, the company’s CEO—and one of the most approachable and down-to-earth manufacturing leaders you are apt to find. Blase shared some of what has helped him grow his father’s small German company—over several decades—into the $1+ billion […]

Koford debuts 60-mm diameter 2-pole slotless brushless motor

Koford Engineering LLC has introduced a new 48-V 2-pole 60-mm diameter slotless sensorless brushless motor. The motor features 512 W continuous output at 15,792 rpm at 48 V with a peak motor efficiency of 93%. The 24-V version outputs 256 W at 7,560 rpm and has a peak efficiency of 92%. These motors are also […]

PTDA honors Andy Nations with Warren Pike Award

The Power Transmission Distributors Association (PTDA) has named Andy Nations, CEO, B&D Industrial (Macon, Ga.), the 27th recipient of its Warren Pike Award for lifetime achievement in the power transmission/motion control (PT/MC) industry. Nations received the award, named for PTDA’s co-founder and first president, at the PTDA Annual Business Meeting during the NIBA/PTDA Joint Industry […]

How to design quiet gearmotors: Gear engagement, housing geometry, and more

What applications need quiet gearmotors? The answer might surprise you — because the human ear can detect noise at 10 dB lower than ambient levels, and many gearmotors operate in close proximity to people. In this technical article, we outline recent staff engineers’ research and development into the problem (and potential solutions for) gearmotor noise. […]

Where do chain drives still make sense?

Chain drives are a tried and true method of linear actuation and are used in much industrial machinery. A typical chain drive consists of two key components; a chain and a sprocket. The chain itself is composed of several components including a pin, bushing, roller, pin link plate, and a roller link plate. The chain […]

New organization promotes no-charge, open-source interface technology for industrial control systems

POSITAL FRABA has announced that it is participating as a founding member of the BiSS Association e.V., a new organization dedicated to encouraging the use of the BiSS family of open-source industrial communications protocols. BiSS communications protocols were developed by the German company iC-Haus GmbH as an efficient and feature-rich digital interface for communications between […]

How to address overshoot in servo control

There are three characteristics that indicate when a servo system is properly tuned: response time, settling time, and overshoot. Response time is the time it takes the system to reach a specified percentage of the target value, while settling time is the time it takes for the target value to be settled, within a specified […]

Direct-drive motor designs: What variations are there?

The most basic definition of a direct-drive motor is a type of design that allows the motor to be connected directly to the driven load. Doing so eliminates mechanical transmission elements that tend to add compliance into a drive system such as gears, couplings, belts and pulleys, and chain drives. Direct-drive motors are sometimes also […]

Customizable universal electric actuator allows active or passive actuation

Aventics’ new universal electric actuator for industrial applications features a highly flexible design for customization to the customer’s application. The new Aventics best in class universal electric actuator is heavy-duty and suitable for normal or extreme environments. The highly flexible design allows the actuator to be customizable to the customer’s application. A wide range of […]

Hybrid linear stepper motors: Operation and applications

Like servo motors, stepper motors are available in both rotary and linear designs. When an application requires force (rather than torque) output and can operate in open loop control, a linear stepper motor is often the preferred solution. Although linear stepper motors are available in both variable reluctance and hybrid designs, the more common version is […]

Pack Expo 2017 show daily: What we’re seeing in Vegas

Day One at this year’s Pack Expo has us running hard to get the big picture of the major trends in the industry — as well a thorough survey of new technologies making a splash or even overlooked here. Below is a summary of what’s hot. By the way, we just got news of another […]

Weintek adds touchscreen Windows PCs to remote access platform

Weintek USA Inc., the industrial HMI solution provider expands the capability of the cMT Remote Access line of Human Machine Interface devices with the addition of the cMT-iPC10 and cMT-iPC15 industrial touch screen flat panel PC’s with embedded Windows OS. In todays manufacturing environment of continuous improvement, the analysis of production or process data is an ongoing effort. […]

Schneider Electric IIoT-enabled smart machine setups at Pack Expo 2017

Schneider Electric is now showing its smart-machine setups for packaging at Pack Expo 2017 (America’s largest packaging trade show) this week in Las Vegas. Schneider Electric’s smart machine setups are built on its Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled open and interoperable EcoStruxure system architecture and platform that (according to the manufacturer) delivers innovation from connected products […]

Schneider Electric Modicon M251 PLC for safety, flexibility, and efficiency

Schneider Electric is currently showing its smart machine setups for packaging at Pack Expo 2017 in Las Vegas. Schneider Electric’s smart machine setups are built on its Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled open and interoperable EcoStruxure system architecture and platform that deliver Innovation At Every Level, from connected products via edge control to applications, analytics and […]

Schneider Electric’s PacDrive 3: Smart machine drive for safe and flexible machines

Schneider Electric, global specialist in energy management and automation, is showcasing its smart machine setups for packaging at Pack Expo 2017. Schneider Electric’s smart machine setups are built on its IIoT-enabled open and interoperable EcoStruxure system architecture and platform, which delivers “Innovation At Every Level” as the manufacturer touts  — from connected products to edge […]