New catalog on piezo-mechanic nanopositioning motion systems

Motion and nano precision positioning systems manufacturer PI (Physik Instrumente) has released a new 250-page catalog on precision mechatronic actuators and nanopositioning systems based on piezo drive technology and frictionless flexure guiding systems.  Products covered in this catalog use PI’s in-house designed and manufactured Mars Rover-tested piezo ceramic actuators as their drive principle. A special […]

Three Motion Industries service centers are now Rexnord certified

Motion Industries Inc. has announced that its service centers in Charleston, W. Va.; Pensacola, Fla; and Salt Lake City, Utah; have become certified Rexnord partners in Falk gear drive repair. These three Motion Industries service centers each passed an extensive facility and process audit to verify repair execution to Rexnord’s original OEM work standards. Ray […]

SEPAC intros spring-engaged, power-off brake for aerospace applications

SEPAC has released a 1-inch electromagnetic spring engaged, power off (SEB) brake for aerospace and defense applications. This unique brake, 1inch in diameter, is suitable for small actuators and ideal for the limited space and difficult performance requirements of missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). SEPAC’s SEB can withstand extreme temperatures as well as high […]

Interroll exhibiting conveyor solutions for hygienic food processing and dynamic storage

One of Interroll’s key exhibits at the IPPE will be the DM0080 drum motor platform. This innovative motor platform is to be predominantly used in modern conveyor belt systems in manufacturing, food and beverage, distribution centers and airports. It features a completely modular design and offers both synchronous and asynchronous drive solutions. Initially, motors with […]

ISL modification capabilities expands dc motor customization for OEM applications

ISL Products Intl. has announced the expansion of its brush and brushless dc motor and gearmotor modification capabilities for dc motor customization — to meet the exact specifications of virtually every specialized OEM application. Newly enhanced engineering capabilities target a broad range of low-energy designs requiring high efficiency and extremely low current. In addition to […]

Wave springs basics video: Spring force, work height, materials, and installations

Within mechanical designs, tension, compression, and torsion springs take numerous forms to store and release energy. Wave springs are a type of compression springs made of flat wire. They are called wave springs because they have multiple waves per turn. The flat wire, along with the multiple waves per turn, combine to create the same […]

Retaining ring basics video: Stamped, eared, e-clip, and constant section

As with other joining hardware (such as cotter pins, screws, and bolts) retaining rings prevent mating components from excessive moving. In short, they create a removable shoulder preventing components from migrating out of proper position during operation. Retaining rings are thin, circular, metal components that can be either stamped from a sheet or coiled from […]

What is modulo positioning?

In motion control, there are typically two types of positioning that can be used for a linear or rotary axis: relative, in which each position is based on a previous position, regardless of the actual position of the axis; or absolute, in which each position is referenced to a home, or zero, point. Axes that […]

Scalable graphic terminals help increase productivity in smaller applications

Machine and equipment builders are already using tight integration between the HMI and controller to help increase productivity in large applications. With the new Allen-Bradley PanelView 5310 family of graphic terminals, they can now bring these integration benefits to smaller applications. The PanelView 5310 graphic terminals deliver the same usability benefits and enhanced integration with […]

Multi-axis precision motion controller for air bearing motion systems

Nano precision motion industry leader PI (Physik Instrumente) LP has released a new high-performance motion controller designed to handle 4, 6 or 8-axes of PIglide air bearing positioning stages and precision automation sub-systems. Air bearings provide many advantages compared to mechanical bearings, such as no-particle generation, frictionless, vibration-free motion, highly constant velocity control, nanometer-precision repeatability, […]

What is a linear rotary servomotor?

While it may sound like a contradiction (or someone not knowing what they’re talking about), linear rotary motors are in fact real products. Basically, a linear rotary servomotor is a unique type of motor that offers motion in more than one direction or axis. So they can offer rotational motion like a traditional rotary motor, […]

DC motors for an array of OEM applications, including low current, from ISL

ISL Products International Ltd. has expanded its brush and brushless DC motor and gear motor modification capabilities to further meet the exact specifications of virtually every specialized OEM application. The newly enhanced engineering capabilities target a broad range of especially low-energy designs in which high efficiency and extremely low current are required. In addition to […]

New connector from Applied Motion Products simplifies daisy chain connections

Applied Motion Products’ new daisy-chain board connector for its NEMA 11 frame StepSERVO Integrated Motors separates communication terminals into two standalone power and I/O connectors, making it easier to establish daisy-chain connections on RS-485 and Modbus RTU networks. Standard configurations of Applied Motion’s TSM11 (NEMA 11 frame) integrated motors incorporate a single 12-pin header that […]

New 43mm OD frameless brushless servo motor kits from Maxon

The new EC 45 Flat Frameless Brushless Servo Motor Kit from Maxon consist of only a rotor and stator—with no bearings or motor shaft. With an outer diameter of only 43mm, these pancake servo motor kits are extremely compact. Available in size ranges from 30 Watt to 70 Watt, these EC (electronically commutated) frameless slotted […]

How do I determine what gear ratio I need for my servo system?

The load-to-motor inertia ratio is a critical parameter in servo motor sizing and performance. As we discussed in a previous article, one of the most significant effects of using a gearbox in a servo system is its ability to help optimize the inertia ratio. Why inertia ratio is important If the motor inertia is too […]

Gilman Precision announces addition to sales force

Gilman Precision, manufacturer of customized linear and rotary motion systems, is pleased to announce the addition of Rich Olson to their sales force as a Business Development Specialist. Olson will oversee the Midwest territory in the U.S. Through a variety of means, he will play an important part in facilitating the connection between engineers and […]

The top 5 stories on Motion Control Tips in 2017

Here we are at the end of another year. And, like every other media organization, we love to look back over the past year to see what you, our readers, found most interesting on our sites. Think of it as a kind of year-end reckoning. With that in mind, here is a short list of the […]

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PTDA 2018 Leadership Development Conference offers dynamic learning

The Power Transmission Distributors Association (PTDA) is now taking registrations for the PTDA 2018 Leadership Development Conference to be held on March 22-23, 2018, at the Hotel Contessa, San Antonio, Tex. PTDA members continuously seek ways to educate their future management teams so they can step into a supervisory role ready to excel. The PTDA […]

Video illustrates smart linear actuator benefits for automation applications

Thomson Industries Inc. has released an educational video (below) that summarizes the benefits of smart actuators, which feature integrated electronics. The five-minute video explores how smart electromechanical actuators are meeting demands for greater connectivity, application flexibility and cost efficiency, and illustrates their use in factories, on- and off-highway vehicles, and structural automation. In discussing the […]

New brushless motor from Portescap delivers balance of speed, torque

Portescap has expanded their new Ultra EC range of brushless motors with the introduction of the 22ECP35 two pole brushless DC motor. As part of the Ultra EC platform of brushless slotless mini motion solutions, these motors offer 30% more continuous torque and 100% more power over similar comparative motors without compromising the smooth operation […]

Gearbox with near-full contact of meshing gears increases riveting rate for robotic fuselage assembly

The newest high-torque gearbox offering from WITTENSTEIN offers extreme torsional rigidity and the world’s first zero-backlash operation for applications that need superior precision in output motion. In contrast with other gear offerings that transmit power over lines of contact on gear teeth, meshing gears in the Galaxie make almost full-surface contact. This allows for tooth […]

How does cabling contribute to servomotor electrical noise problems?

The sources of electrical noise can be varied, but one of the most common sources is from the high-frequency signals generated by variable frequency drives (VFDs.) This noise, called electromagnetic interference (EMI), can be picked up through cabling. Cables themselves can be manufactured with special shielding to guard against EMI issues. The purpose of cable […]

Brother Gearmotors partners with Dart Controls to offer Brushless DC drives

Brother Gearmotors has partnered with Dart Controls, Inc. in an agreement that allows Brother Gearmotors to offer Dart’s premium selection of Brushless DC drives as add-ons to Brother’s extensive portfolio of gearmotors. A brushless DC drive is a type of adjustable-speed drive required by electrically commutated motors (ECMs), such as brushless DC, to control motor […]

When are worm gears self-locking, and where is this useful?

Worm gears are often used for their ability to provide large speed reduction and high torque multiplication. But their self-locking properties can also be beneficial in many applications.  In a worm gear assembly, the worm is typically the driving component. Self-locking means that the gear cannot drive the worm. In other words, back driving is […]

Video: ElectroCraft LRPX 22 and 32 gearmotors have operating ranges optimized to the subcomponents

In a recent video on new ElectroCraft motors, my colleague Paul Heney and I got to review integrated offerings that let designers get higher torque even while maintaining efficiency. The LRPX units are sold as gear motors — not as motor with added gearboxes. This means motor performance is optimized for gear input limitations. An eight-pole […]