Modular conveyor system for quick assembly

Noise reduction is an increasingly attractive way to improve factory work environments. VarioFlow plus is one of Bosch Rexroth’s major contributions to noise reduction, with particularly low-noise operation thanks to sliding bars with lateral fixation, low-friction materials and patented hinge bolts. At the same time, modular chain conveyor system provides optimum sliding properties for reduced wear, even with chain tensile forces up to 1,250 N.

An example of its flexible application can be found in the automotive industry. To improve handling and save space during transport, an innovative manufacturing cell based on VarioFlow plus can convey roof linings, at a height of about 3 m, directly to a robotic unit at a processing station.

Attaching and uncoupling the finished roof linings are the only manual procedures required in this fully automated system. This system helps increase productivity as factory personnel may use the time savings to complete other tasks. Currently, this automotive manufacturer operates four complete manufacturing lines using the same application of VarioFlow plus.


The VarioFlow plus modular chain conveyor system offers universal and quick application, easy planning and assembly. The system also boasts extremely quiet and low-wear operation.

In combination with MTpro planning software, the modular chain conveyor system saves time during project planning. The complete conveyor system can be designed in just a few steps—all the way from “drag and drop” selection of components to order placement, including verification of workpiece carriers and complete system configuration.

The VarioFlow plus chain conveyor system is available in six conveyor widths between 65 and 320 mm; seven chain types and two models in aluminum and stainless steel with FDA-compliant materials opens up a wide spectrum of applications.

Bosch Rexroth

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