October 2016 Issue: Tight turns, top speeds + More

In this issue: 48 New conveyors: Tight turns, top speeds 76 MECHANICAL: Bearing friction basics: A primer 90 FLUID POWER: Trends in hydraulic fi tration 98 3D CAD: How the Internet of Things will bolster design   What will 2026 bring? This month, we’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of WTWH Media and its flagship publication,

Power & energy efficiency handbook: Energy efficient doesn’t mean cost efficient

In this issue: 22 Energy efficiency in LLC resonant conversion topologies 37 Better thermal design means better efficiency   Energy efficient doesn’t mean cost efficient I once had a root cellar illuminated by a single incandescent light bulb, the kind of bulb that is being phased out thanks to energy efficiency regulations. I would use

Motion system trends issue: High Power Meets High Precision in Micro Motion + more

In this issue: 36 BEARINGS Technical update on ROTARY BEARINGS 48 CABLE MANAGEMENT SUMMARY OF TODAY’S CABLE-MANAGEMENT OPTIONS 110 GEARMOTOTRS An overview of GEARMOTORS   MOTION SYSTEMS; EVOLUTIONARY CHANGE…and then some EACH year, the Design World motion editors prepare this special Motion Systems Handbook aiming to give our readers an overview of the basics of

September 2016 Issue: Eyes in the sky: Mapping disasters

In this issue: 26 DESIGN NOTES: Eyes in the sky: Mapping disasters 60 MOTION CONTROL: Motor manufacturers design motors for food and beverage applications that dramatically improve safety. 78 LINEAR MOTION: Linear motors compete with technologies that output high forces. 114 FASTENING & JOINING: Surface mount spacers simplify installation.   Will shifting job roles make

August 2016 Issue: Pulley bushings upgrade medical robots + more

In this issue: 58 MOTION CONTROL: Minimizing stepper vibration with affordable technology 64 LINEAR MOTION: Encoders help linear motion stages reach higher levels of accuracy and performance 72 CONTROLLERS: Select the right machine controller for your application   What can you do with your creativity?   Engineers often get a bad rap as geeks who’d

July 2016 Issue: More torque or better efficiency + more

In this issue: 70 LINEAR MOTION: Controllers keep trains on track 78 MECHANICAL:UL Listed or UL Recognized which cable is the right one? 82 TEST & MEASUREMENT: The basics of motor testing   Could your company operate without its data?   “What do these names have in common: Sandworm Team, Lizard Squad, Comment Crew, AnonGhost,

June 2016 Issue: How to choose an industrial lubricant + more

In this issue: 56 MOTION CONTROL: Why is preload necessary in some bearing applications? 70 MATERIALS: Make the right choice for metal coating for the right application 80 MECHATRONICS: Five keys to mechatronic success   The romantic notion of manufacturing jobs   It is trendy to speak of bringing back manufacturing jobs to the U.S.

Test & Measurement Handbook

You’d have to say there are a lot of used oscilloscopes floating around. A quick search on eBay recently turned up 16,355 listings for used scopes. A Craigslist search for scopes near me in Cleveland, Ohio found 16 instruments on offer, interesting in that Cleveland is not exactly a capital of high-tech. One wonders if

May 2016 Issue: Hoverboards get their own UL standard + more

In this issue: 58 MOTION CONTROL: Direct-drive motors need direct-position sensing 66 LINEAR MOTION: Designing linear motion tracks for robotic positioning 136 ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING: 3D printing a better car   Get more out of your associations   I’m fortunate to attend a lot of conferences and conventions put on by industry associations. These events are

Design World Issue: Power Transmission Reference Guide + more

  Power-transmission components are mainstays   Motion designs continually evolve, but will always rely on mechanical devices, particularly where the drive of an electric motor engages a load to execute machine tasks. In fact, as the technical reviews in this 2016 Power Transmission Reference Guide explain, applications for mechanical motion components only proliferate as technical

Internet of Things Issue: Sensors drive IIOT Innovations + New era of design + more

In this issue: 16 Sensors drive IIoT innovations 40 Batteries for the Industrial Internet of Things 52 Harvesting power for IoT devices 60 The new era of design for the IIot   Researchers ink nanocrystal FETs onto plastic substrate   A group at the University of Pennsylvania has patterned nanocrystal-based field effect transistors onto flexible

April 2016 issue: CAD-in-the-cloud, stepper motor or servomotor + more

In this issue: 92 3D CAD CAD-in-the-cloud moves closer to real-time sharing 60 MOTION CONTROL Stepper motor or servomotor: Which should it be? 72 LINEAR MOTION As the screw turns 80 PNEUMATICS The heart of your compressed air system   The magic of change By Paul Heney   You know that change has to be

Motion system trends issue: Today’s cutting-edge technologies + more

In this issue: 04 Motion showcases today’s cutting-edge technologies 34 BEARINGS Industry growth predicted through 2020 46 CLUTCHES & BRAKES Trends in clutches and brakes leverage software and customization. 82 LEADSCREWS Smaller, lighter options cover more applications   Inside the head of an engineer By Lee Teschler   MANY engineers have not-so-fond memories of slogging

March 2016 issue: Five Key electrical design concepts, Oscilloscope designs + more

In this issue: 58 MOTION CONTROL Five key electrical design concepts for mechanical engineers 66 LINEAR MOTION Picking the right accumulation chain for conveying 100 INTERCONNECT PCB connection technology keeps pace with power demands 80 TEST & MEASUREMENT Oscilloscope designs change with the times   Mind the gap By Leslie Langnau   When designing products

Power Electronics Handbook

In this issue: 8 Teardown: What’s inside a Phillips Sonicare electric toothbrush A novel ac rectification and coil-driving scheme may characterize the electronics found 14 Basics of designing with permanent magnets It can be tricky to correctly specify magnetic materials for power circuits and actuators. 26 Test Instruments help tame power factor and signal integrity

February 2016 issue: Creative motion solutions, selecting linear actuators, design notes + more

In this issue: 62 LINEAR MOTION Selecting linear actuators for valve automation 82 SENSORS Key standards to know when specifying sensors 78 3D CAD If you draw it, can you print it.   The hands-on engineer returns   There’s a classic stereotype about engineers that many of them started as tinkerers, tearing apart dusty old

Design World Digital Edition January 2016

  How are you going to lead in 2016?   Leadership is often overlooked in the engineering discipline. We’re trained in how to think and how to creatively attack problems, but not so much in how to steer our companies in bold new directions. Late last year, I attended the first ever Innovation Summit at

Design World Digital Edition December 2015

Thinking outside the [box] College has changed a lot since I was a student. Shortly after I graduated from Georgia Tech, the campus underwent quite the building boom, thanks to its upcoming status as the Olympic Village for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games. Touring the school in the subsequent years always left me amazed at

Power & Energy Efficiency Handbook

The energy efficiency scam by Leland Teschler, Executive Editor Dan Carnovale sounds extremely pissed off. He says he has three gizmos on his work bench right now that are all marketed as devices that can be hooked onto power lines to save energy. And, he claims, “All of them are garbage.” Carnovale manages the Eaton

Motion Systems Applications Digital Issue – Aerospace: Showcasing motion excellence

NASA engineers and scientists saw years of design work come to fruition when the Mars rover Curiosity, a 2,000-lb feat of excellence, settled onto the red planet in a gentle touchdown of glory. But it wasn’t just the efforts of NASA personnel that gave humanity that moment—and every other win in the thousand-plus days that

Design World Digital Edition November 2015

The robots are free! One of the trends that’s been apparent at the last few industrial trade shows I’ve attended is that industrial robots are being unleashed from their metal prisons. It wasn’t long ago that the only examples of robots that you’d see—whether on the show floor or on an actual manufacturing plant floor—were

Design World Digital Edition October 2015

The craziness of our future energy prospects I’ve had the privilege of seeing analyst Peter Zeihan speak several times, and his discussion, “Geopolitical Analysis of Global Economics and Energy,” at the recent Industry and Economic Outlook Conference held by the National Fluid Power Association in Chicago was truly fascinating. Zeihan feels that the U.S. is

Internet of Things Handbook

What’s Inside 16. The circuit protection for wearables and the IoT Circuit protection technologies and board layout strategies help promote safety, reliability and connectivity.22. The IoT and connected highways Dedicated short-range communication techniques could usher in connected cars and safer driving.42. A case of IoT fatigue? Market studies show consumers are less enthusiastic about connected

Design World Digital Edition September 2015

What manufacturing can learn from Thailand Earlier this year, I was part of a journalist delegation to Thailand, the Southeast Asian country that’s probably known more for tourism than industrial engineering prowess. But after a week of touring manufacturing facilities that included such international heavyweights as Caterpillar and Nissan, I left with a new mindset

2015 Motion Systems Handbook

Happy Five-Year Anniversary, Motion Handbook Welcome to the fifth edition of Design World’s annual motion control compendium. Observant readers will notice a slight change to this year’s handbook. In years past, it was called the Motion Control Handbook. This year we’ve changed the name to the Motion Systems Handbook. Why the change? For one, we