Newport’s Air Bearing Stages Ideal for 450mm Wafer Initiative

Newport Corporation (, a global leader in advanced motion control solutions, has launched its latest range of high-performance air bearing stages, the new DynamYX Datum 450 and 450 GT.

Based on the company’s DynamYX 300-series wafer processing and inspection platforms, the new stages are specifically developed for the 450 mm semiconductor wafer initiative and are ideally suited to handle larger payloads, travel ranges and increased throughput requirements.

Aside from offering high resolution, the DynamYX Datum 450 and 450 GT also provide dynamic positioning of a wafer chuck or comparable substrate from a single-plane carriage into two orthogonal translation axes. A rotary axis and a vertical Z-axis with tip/tilt function for wafer offset correction can be added on the carriage below the wafer chuck for added flexibility.

Newport DynamYX Datum 450 stages

Highly efficient linear motors apply drive force through the stage’s center of gravity and minimize heat generation resulting in dynamic performance and optimum long term repeatability. With an acceleration of 2G for the Y-axis and 3G for the X-axis, the stages deliver a maximum velocity of 1.5 m/sec while offering a rated payload of 20 kg. Ideal for tasks requiring a high performing positioning stage for 450 mm wafers, the all-new 300 Hz natural frequency stage offers high repeatability at 10 nm (3 sigma) and high accuracy (encoder feedback) at 50 nm (3 sigma).

“The all-new DynamYX Datum 450 and 450 GT feature unique performance characteristics that are achieved in part due to the highly differentiated and proprietary construction using advanced ceramics (SiC) that yields lightweight and incredibly rigid stage structures with high natural frequencies and exceptional thermal stability,” said Business Development Manager Walter Silvesky.

“A low-profile monolithic stage architecture with integrated pressure-vacuum air bearings provides unsurpassed stepping and scanning performance.”

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