New Miniature IP68 Rated Data Recorder

The new SLICE IP68 data acquisition system is designed to capture physical signals in challenging environments. Targeted at applications with size or mass constraints, SLICE IP68’s 60 x 60 mm footprint makes it easy to embed in most test articles. The rugged housing is impervious to shock, water and dust, making SLICE ideal for testing in inclement

Eaton Doubles Down on Safety with New Double-Door, Line-Side Isolation Switch

Power management company Eaton today announced the launch of its double-door, line-side isolation switch, the industry’s first compartmentalized, fusible safety switch. The latest in Eaton’s growing family of safety switching devices, the new switch features an innovative two-door design with an internal barrier that isolates the fuse base from line-side power, enhancing the safety of

New, Keystone Battery Holders with PCB Connectors

A broad, new selection of Keystone’s popular plastic battery holders now includes the option to have holders with a PCB connector plug pre-installed to the end of 6” wires for simplified installations. These durable battery holders are molded from Polypropylene or ABS with polarity tabs and markings to ensure proper polarity and connectivity. Spring contacts

Understanding the Process for 3D Printing

When it comes to utilizing 3d printing for rapid prototyping, you are rewarded with parts for new medical devices as well as other products. This often means design risk reduction.   3D Prototype Designs Deliver Injection Molded Parts and Devices Parts for products will range from instruments that are necessary for surgery – to glucose

Banner Engineering Low-Profile Strip Lights is Illuminate Machine, Work Spaces, and Mobile Equipment

Banner Engineering today announced the release of the WLS15, a professional-grade LED strip light that makes it easy and cost-effective to illuminate machines, work spaces, and mobile equipment for improved efficiency and productivity. Featuring high-efficiency LEDs and a diffuse window, the WLS15 provides bright, even illumination with no hot spots. The space-saving design of the

Wireless, Battery-Less Command Switches

Steute Industrial Controls, Inc. offers a wide assortment of wireless pushbutton and selector switches featuring internal electrodynamic energy generator. No battery required. Actuation sends a unique, coded telegram to one or more compatible, easily-programmed Receivers. Receiver sends confirmation of received telegram. If pushbutton actuator does not receive the confirmation signal within 15 ms, it transmits

DRQ series bus converters deliver 800 Watts @ 95.8% efficiency for telco & networking applications

The DRQ-8/100-L48xx series of quarter brick, intermediate bus converters (IBC) are designed specifically for the high power density requirements of infrastructure equipment applications, networking and telecommunications infrastructure. The networking and telecommunications equipment market is set to drive significant growth in the electronics market over the next five years. This is generating demand for higher power

Pluggable terminal blocks eliminate screw-terminal connections

Dinkle International announces the availability of its pluggable terminal blocks, a series of products with a unique push-in-design for connecting wires to the terminal blocks. A pluggable terminal block is composed of a plug and a mating socket. The socket is usually attached to a printed circuit board through pins. The plug fits into the

Current Sense Chip Resistor Kits Offer a Range Of Sizes And Values

Stackpole’s current sense kits are a compact folder containing a variety of 1% tolerance resistance values in a choice of 1206, 2010, or 2512 chip sizes. Stackpole offers values from various series to provide a broad range of values. Higher resistance values are thick film technology, where the lower resistance values will be foil on

New LA-25-A LVDT linear position sensor by Alliance Sensors Group Linear Position Sensor Designed for Extreme Environments

H. G. Schaevitz LLC, Alliance Sensors Group is proud to release its LA-25-A series LVDT linear position sensors, designed to handle extreme industrial environments. Available in ranges from 3 inches (75 mm) to 15 inches (375 mm), the LA-25-A is ideal for roller gap positioning, process valve displacement, head box and actuator position feedback with […]

Metal Line Switch Integrates Illumination in Smaller Diameter Pushbutton

SCHURTER expands its Metal Line switch series to include an illuminated 16 mm version. The compact mechanical pushbutton switch provides a sleek look accentuated with a quality homogeneous illumination in a ring style, or complete surface area illumination. Illumination color options include red, blue, green, yellow and white. The standard supply voltage is 24 VDC.

SL Power’s MB60S 60 Watt Single Output Medical Series Now Shipping from Sager Electronics

Sager Electronics is now stocking SL Power’s MB60S 60 Watt Single Output Medical Series. The MB60S Medical Series has a small 2” x 3” x 1” footprint and delivers 60 Watts of convection cooled power. This high-power density makes the MB60S the ideal choice for 1U applications. These models are fully compliant to several Safety

TECHSPEC® Precision Ultraviolet Mirrors offered with new Vacuum UV enhanced coating

Edmund Optics (EO) introduces its new TECHSPEC Precision Ultraviolet Mirrors. They are offered in both Deep UV (DUV) and new Vacuum UV (VUV) enhanced coating options. TECHSPEC Precision Ultraviolet Mirrors are ideally suited for a wide variety of commercially available light sources. They can be used in a number of optical setups to reflect UV

New Mobile Clutch Animation Video Created by Ogura

Ogura Industrial has created a new animation showing how mobile clutches work. The animation shows an exploded view of the component parts and how they interact with each other. In mobile clutches, torque is generated by attracting the armature and rotor to each other via a series of magnetic flux paths. The animation shows how

IR sensing workshop to cover IR detectors, sources and filters, instrument subsystem designs, spectroscopy and sensing

LASER COMPONENTS USA, specialized provider of laser and photoelectronic components in the US and Canada, announces that it will sponsor the 4th International WORKshop on Infrared Technologies for a broad audience of leading IR experts. The event will take place at Arizona State University on November 8 – 9, 2017 in Tempe, AZ, USA. Based […]

Sager Electronics Recognized as 2016 Distributor of the Year by Sunon

Sager Electronics, a leading North American distributor of Interconnect, Power and Electromechanical components, today announced being recognized as Sunon’s Distributor of the Year for 2016. Sunon presented the award at the 2017 Electronics Distribution Show (EDS) held May 15-19 in Las Vegas, Nevada. “Sager’s focus on the thermal products marketplace and commitment to growth through

HEIDENHAIN’s Compact TNC 620 Control Now with Touchscreen Technology

TNC contouring controls from HEIDENHAIN are popular with users thanks to their workshop-oriented operational design and conversational programming. And now, HEIDENHAIN’s compact TNC 620 control combines its advantages of field-proven HEIDENHAIN contouring controls with the latest in touchscreen technology. The TNC 620 control with touch screen is operated by gestures, similar to smartphones or tablet PCs. The operator

New Media Isolated Amplified Pressure Sensors

All Sensors Corporation of Morgan Hill, California has announced a brand new offering of media isolated pressure sensors; the amplified CPA 502 Series. These new pressure sensors offer design engineers excellent performance for various aggressive media applications. The CPA 502 Series features a ceramic pressure sensor with piezoresistive technology and flush diaphragm design. Product highlights […]

Cinch Connectivity Solutions Announces 2.92mm RF End Launch Connectors

Cinch Connectivity Solutions, a Bel group company, announces the expansion of its 2.92mm precision connector product line, offering new End Launch versions with the quality and performance needed to move into the millimeter wave spectrum through 40 GHz. Precision 2.92mm connectors, also known as SMK connectors, are designed to meet the high performance needed for

Gilman precision releases new slide catalog

Gilman Precision is proud to announce a newly designed catalog highlighting their extensive line of slides. Compared to their last slide catalog, Gilman has reconstructed and improved the way information is displayed to offer an easier user experience. “We are excited to release this catalog because it concludes our process of updating and upgrading our

Hirose develops space saving FPC/FFC conector for automotive applications

Hirose, a leader in the design and manufacture of innovative connector solutions, has designed a compact flexible printed circuit (FPC) / flat flexible connector (FFC) with a space-saving, low-profile design. Featuring a pitch of only 0.50mm, a height of 1.20mm and depth of only 3.57mm, the FH65 Series reduces the occupied mounting area by 47%

Computational Acoustics Drives Innovative Design Solution

COMSOL has published a special edition of its annual publication, COMSOL News, celebrating simulation specialists working in the field of acoustics. Acoustics engineers shape experiences that create lifelong memories, whether it’s the hearing aid that allows a loved one to rejoin the dinner conversation, or those moments when you’re singing the words of your favorite song […]

Thermally Conductive, Electrically Insulative Epoxy Delivers Low Exotherm for Large Castings and Potting Applications

Master Bond EP39MAOHT is a room temperature curing system for demanding bonding, sealing, coating, potting and encapsulation applications. “It is a versatile product that combines convenient handing, good flow, thermal conductivity, electrical insulation and high temperature resistance,” said Robert Michaels, vice president of technical support. “Its toughness lessens the chance of stress cracking when thermally

ABB Jokab Safety Eden sensors feature RFID for greater security and vibration resistance

ABB Jokab Safety Eden sensors, including the Dyanmic and new OSSD models, now feature a solid-state, board-level design with radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology for increased resistance to vibration and greater security. Last year, ABB Jokab Safety introduced the Eden OSSD safety sensor for a line of safety sensors that also includes the well-established Eden Dynamic […]

Sager Electronics’ Andy Goldring Named Schaffner’s 2016 Supplier Development Manager

Sager Electronics, a leading North American distributor of Interconnect, Power and Electromechanical components, today announced Sager Supplier Marketing Manager Andy Goldring was honored as Schaffner’s 2016 Supplier Development Manager of the Year. Schaffner presented the award to Mr. Goldring at the 2017 Electronics Distribution Show (EDS) held May 15-19 in Las Vegas, Nevada. “Andy’s promotion of