IoT platforms help energy and production companies improve asset performance

Schneider-Electric-HalliburtonA collaborative project between Schneider Electric and Landmark, a Halliburton business provider of integrated E&P (Energy & Production) software, provide transparency to E&P decision makers—from oil field to board room—with a real-time, integrated view of their business’ performance.

To this end, Schneider Electric is coming together with Landmark to connect Schneider Electric’s IoT-enabled open and interoperable system architecture and platform EcoStruxure with Landmark DecisionSpace, allowing companies to build a real-time digital representation of individual assets and the overall portfolio.

“Thanks to the IoT and cloud solutions, we can transform upstream decision-making,” says Maurizio Rovaglio, vice president Technology & Alliances at Schneider Electric. “We’re applying these technologies in innovative ways to deliver new functionalities and greater benefits. It’s exciting stuff.”

“To undertake these projects, operators require technology and commercial terms that work within their business constraints—no IT system overhauls or huge outlays of capital to occur before value is demonstrated,” says Nagaraj Srinivasan, senior vice president of Landmark and Halliburton Digital Solutions.

The joint work extends to various aspects of upstream operations, including operations management, production surveillance, and production automation.

Benefits include:

  • Enhanced reservoir insight – Faster feedback between well production equipment and the reservoir model plus more detailed history matching can lead to more accurate reservoir simulations
  • Improved asset performance – Increased operational reliability and asset insight allows for more informed decisions about secondary and tertiary recovery.
  • Simplified decision-making – Optimized analytics for E&P big data enable management by exception.
    Improved well integrity – Shared workflows and predictive analytics help manage safety and asset integrity.

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