Medical Device Manufacturing with Herrmann Ultrasonics’ HiQ DIALOG

From prototyping and product development to full scale manufacturing, medical device manufacturing can be a complex process – successful collaboration is vital. During the early stages of a project, Herrmann Ultrasonics is more than just a consultant — the company is a partner to help design the device for successful ultrasonic assembly, minimizing long term risk.

Cycle time, change over and downtime are three factors that majorly affect manufacturing efficiency and can be significantly and efficiently reduced with the HiQ DIALOG. SoftTouch mode prevents damage to sensitive joints by allowing for a quick approach with gentle contact to the application. With the help of the quick-change system (QCS) and optional hinged tool change cover, the ultrasonic stack can be quickly mounted with minimum effort, in less than a minute

Process validation and traceability: The requirements for high quality products in medical engineering have become increasingly diverse and complex; in addition to tightness, strength and minimum generation of particles, process validation and traceability are important quality criteria. The DataRecorder is responsible for recording and archiving all weld process values and process parameters. Strict criteria in accordance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 are met with the FSC software package, which allows for user authentication and a documented audit trail of all activities.

Key to repeatability: The patented HMC (High Motion Control) ensures a calibrated and repeatable process in the manufacturing environment, helping the user realize faster production with maximum repeatability. The programmable stroke selection (start and end position of the sonotrode) optimizes cycle time. The stroke can be individually adjusted for the needed weld task and the size of application being welded.

Environmentally friendly: Ultrasonic welding uses 75% less energy than other thermal joining processes. This is due to the fact that the welding tools remain cold and have a low energy requirement. The ultrasonic vibrations are specifically applied to the joint area for only a matter of milliseconds during welding. The digital ultrasonic generator ULTRAPLAST guarantees an extremely high degree of efficiency (over 80 %) when powered with up to 6200W.

The HiQ DIALOG will be shown at MD&M West 2018 … visit booth #1801 there or

Ultrasonic welding of plastics is an intricate task. Each application is different and places different requirements on the complex interplay of factors. Acoustic waves – or ultrasound – are converted into mechanical vibrations to generate molecular heat. The weld process is managed by sophisticated control software and must be adapted to the geometry and condition of the welded parts, which are made from amorphous or semi-crystalline polymers. Each welding tool, known as the sonotrode, is unique, as it is adapted to the application at hand. Ultrasonic welding is very suitable for the medical manufacturing industry.

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