3d printed hand for amputees uses Firgelli’s miniature actuators

Youbionic’s artificial hand intended for amputees uses Firgelli’s PQ12-P Linear Actuator with Feedback. Product Details Miniature Linear Actuators with 20mm stroke, and built in position feedback potentiometer. Apply positive voltage to extend and negative to retract. Connect to the internal potentiometer to read the position feedback.   NOTE: Turn your PQ12 -P into a Linear

Bishop-Wisecarver continues STEM support as Diamond Supplier of FIRST Robotics Competition

Bishop-Wisecarver Group continues its longstanding commitment to STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education as a Diamond Supplier for the 2015 FIRST® Robotics Competition (FRC®). In addition, the company is sponsoring four California-based FIRST® teams to help fund their projects and travel to regional competitions. Designation as a Diamond Supplier means Bishop-Wisecarver has donated between

Engaging kids in STEM with a cute talking robot

As I was thinking about National Manufacturing Day this week, and looking at the many events around the country and area, I noticed a trend. Most of the companies participating are opening their doors to children. Showing manufacturing to kids early is a great way to encourage them to go into a career in manufacturing,

Loctite® Threadlockers and Retaining Compounds

A new video from Henkel Corporation goes inside the Polaris manufacturing facility to show how the company is using Loctite® anaerobic threadlockers and retaining compounds to enhance the durability of its snowmobiles. In the video, engineers from Polaris explain why they trust Loctite® anaerobics and discuss specific applications where the adhesives are used. Polaris sleds

The Best Motor for Hybrid Electric Vehicle Powertrains

There is growing interest in hybrid-electric vehicles and OEMs are developing hybrid electric vehicles on a number of different platforms including cars, trucks, boats and construction equipment. When it comes to choosing a motor for the powertrain, the choice is often between either an induction motor or a permanent magnet AC motor. This webinar looks

Under-Actuated Hand Delivers Human-like Motion

By Michael Jermann, Assistant Editor A project intended to develop advanced prosthetics for military amputees may ultimately eliminate the need to put military personnel at risk to begin with, if engineers at Telefactor Robotics have their way. “Robotic arms typically terminate in rigid two-fingered pinchers,” said Matt Kozlowski, vice-president of engineering at Telefactor. “We’re replacing

Entering the Age of Surgical Robotics

by Paul J. Heney, Editorial Director Your next operation may be performed by a machine During my grandmother’s final years, more than once did a family member remark on how much she’d seen—and how much technology had changed the world—during her 97 years here. From the automobile’s ascension, modern jet travel and the space race

Key Trends in Robotics Development

by Miles Budimir, Senior Editor Advances in hardware and software, from new processing paradigms to design and simulation, are changing the robotics landscape. Robots these days come in many shapes and sizes. Tough but nimble industrial robots on manufacturing lines do the heavy lifting that teams of human workers used to do decades ago. Other

Robotic Cable Management Made Easy

by Ellen Rathburn, Technical Copywriter, igus Inc. Managing the six-axis platform in robotics requires special consideration when designing cabling systems. In the field of multi-axis robots, industrial integrators are faced with the unique challenge of selecting and managing cables to be run on the outside of a moving six-axis platform. The complex movements made by

REM-C, a University / Industry Partnership for Innovation

REM-C, a university / industry partnership is pleased to announce its formation. REM-C (Roboticists, Engineers & Manufacturers Consortium) was established to bridge the gap between university robotic programs and the engineering community. REM-C is a non-profit organization, comprised of leading manufacturers and universities, dedicated to the advancement of robotic technology. The collective purpose of the

AutomationDirect Supplies Automated Trophies for Robotics Competition

AutomationDirect has supported competitive robotics at the local, regional and national levels for many years. This year, in addition to sponsoring the annual Georgia Robotics Invitational Tournament and Showcase (GRITS) competition, AutomationDirect also provided the very unique trophies awarded to the winners. GRITS is a one-day event, produced by GeorgiaFIRST Robotics, the arm of US

5 Considerations for Scanning, Printing, and Subtractive Machining Design

by Mark Huebner, Market Development Manager, PBC Linear When evaluating the mechatronics for a scanning, printing, or machining device, 4 components and one characteristic are critical. Examining how each operates in a system and optimizing them will deliver equipment that produces the highest quality possible, whether for a hobbyist budget, or a large volume production

Bishop-Wisecarver Continues to Support FIRST as a Diamond Supplier

Provided by Bishop-Wisecarver The Bishop-Wisecarver Group (BWG) has continued its dedication of supporting STEM initiatives with FIRST as a Diamond Supplier of this year’s robotics competition. BWG is also sponsoring three Northern California high school robotics teams, capturing the students’ and mentors’ experiences on their company blog and sharing through social media channels. The FIRST

Double C-face Coupler Brake Reduces Costs

Double C-face coupler brake mounts on drive end of standard C-face motor brake between reducer and C-face motor. It replaces commonly used motor brakes mounted on back of a special motor designed with mounting flange and extended shaft on fan end. Simplify inventory and reduce costs by eliminating purchase and stock of brake and standard

Robot handles complex palletizing configurations

Save money, save time, cut costs—these are the goals material handling companies strive to meet with robotic palletizing systems. One of the newer examples is the space-saving BEUMER robotpac, a fully automatic articulated robot that can solve complex palletizing and de-palletizing challenges reliably and efficiently. Containers such as bags, cardboard boxes, crates or trays can

Design World Announces Winners of Sixth Annual “Leadership in Engineering” Program

Design World Magazine and online network www.designworldonline.com announce the winners of their 2012 Leadership in Engineering Program. Leadership in Engineering is an industry recognition program to acknowledge engineering leadership across several disciplines. Winners for the Sixth Annual Program were chosen by Design World online users via a registration based online voting system. The following companies

Toshiba Machine Adds THL SCARA Robot

New to Toshiba Machine’s THL Series line, the THL300 and THL400 offer increased payload capacities. In fact, with arm lengths of 300mm and 400mm respectively, these new THL robots fall into the class of small SCARA robots, while they boast the maximum payload capacity (5kg) in their class. Like all THL Series robots, the newer

A Helping Hand for Hospital Staff

by Steve Meyer, Contributing Editor Mechatronic challenges come in some interesting packages. One such test, within the field of medicine, is finding an easier way to move hospital patients who cannot move themselves. In the past, patient transfer, as it is referred to in the healthcare industry, has been a mix of back boards, lifts,

Molex Launches QuickConnect and Fast Start Up Features for Industrial Robotics at Pack Expo 2012

Molex Incorporated introduces the QuickConnect and Fast Start Up capabilities of Brad® HarshIO modules at Pack Expo International, October 28 – 31, Chicago, IL, Molex booth S2957. The QuickConnect feature is designed for use with Ethernet/IP protocol products and the Fast Start Up capability is designed for use with PROFINET protocol products that are part

MISUMI LX and RS Series Single Axis Actuators Provide Versatility, Precision And Productivity

MISUMI USA, Inc. offers an array of single axis actuators available for machine builders and automation system designers across a wide range of industries. Two main product lines include the LX Series and RS Single Axis Robotic Actuators, both designed to reduce design/build time and costs for manufacturers of production machinery, automation systems and motion

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Introduces Ceiling-mounted SCARA Robot

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. has released its new RH-3SxHR robot that delivers improved throughput, superior positioning and a smaller footprint. The RH-3SxHR is a ceiling-mounted SCARA robot designed to maximize speed for picking and handling light-weight parts. The RH-3SxHR extends Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s broad line of SCARA robots ranging from 3Kg-20Kg. Easy to install, this

igus® sponsors 20th annual BEST Robotics Competition

The 20th annual BEST (Boosting Engineering, Science and Technology) Robotics Competition has kicked off at hub locations nationwide.  This is the eighth year for igus® as a nationwide product sponsor of the event. The 2012 game, entitled “WARP XX”, was unveiled a few months ago as a teaser for more than 1,000 competing teams. WARP

Siemens To Demonstrate Kuka Robotics Integration For Workpiece Handling

At this year’s International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in Chicago, Siemens will demonstrate its recent collaboration with KUKA Robotics.  In the Siemens booth E-5010, a KUKA robot will be articulating parts, simulating the operation on a CNC machine tool.  Key to this development is the machine builder’s ability to integrate mxAutomation from KUKA directly through

Gearmotors Ensure Builders Get Their Ore

By Leslie Langnau, Managing Editor The French Group, Pradier, produces 400,000 tons of concrete blocks and interjoists per year, which are intended for building material suppliers. The quarry consists of a deposit of about 375 acres and 20 million tons of ore, with a mining permit for 450,000 tons per year over 30 years. About 350,000

Critical Parts for Mission Critical Work

By Laura Carrabine, Senior Editor Many of the design requirements for NASA’s latest Mars explorer Curiosity are related to the Sample Acquisition and Sample Processing and Handling (SASPaH) subsystem that will gather soil samples from Mars’ surface. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) collaborated with Helical Products Company engineers to develop flexible couplings and machined springs