Dunkermotoren upgrades dMove motor design

Dunkermotoren continues to develop and refine their product offering with their new BLDC motor design. The BG 65 (S) from Dunkermotoren is probably the most sold industrial DC servomotor with completely integrated motor electronics. With the BG 65/ BG 66 dMove Dunkermotoren launches successor products now. The outward appearance of this series with simple control

Brushless DC Metering Pump Provides Valveless Fluid Control for Process Instrumentation

The NEW valveless Fluid Transfer Pump from Fluid Metering, Inc. (FMI) delivers precision fluid control for process instrumentation. FMI’s Valveless, Fluid Transfer Pump integrates CeramPump® pumping technology with the long life performance of a brushless DC motor and integral driver electronics. All that is needed is a simple 24VDC input power supply making FMI’s Fluid Transfer

Dunkermotoren’s BLDC motor BG 65 is now available with Profinet interface

Dunkermotoren’s brushless DC motor BG 65 is now available with its integrated Profinet interface which is compatible with Siemes controllers from the S7-200 up to the S7-1500. With function blocks the motor is simple to integrate into PLC controllers. With a continuous output power of 60 – 190 W and a peak of 341 W

Go-live for the online shop of Dunkermotoren

As of the beginning of 2016, Dunkermotoren is providing its customers the possibility to order Dunkermotoren products online. With the Dunkershop it is now easier for both businesses and private customers to order products from Dunkermotoren. The products offered in the Dunkershop include brushless and brushed DC motors, AC motors, venetian blind motors as well

Innovative linear axes from Dunkermotoren for public transport applications

The product portfolio of Dunkermotoren provides for almost every requirement the right drive solution. Since decades the company from Bonndorf in the Black Forest supplies the public transport with a wide range of rotative drive solutions. The brushtype and brushless DC motors of Dunkermotoren can be combined with different types of gearboxes and accessories of

HTI Technology acquires Klauber Machine & Gear

HTI Technology, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has acquired Klauber Machine & Gear, Co. on June 1, 2016. This acquisition will combine HTI Technology’s expertise in AC and DC motor and drives systems with Klauber’s technology and market leadership in AC and DC gear motors. The companies’ complementary technology and market capabilities will

AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions expands inspection and compliance capabilities

AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions has added two new advanced metrology tools at its Rock Creek, NC, manufacturing facility, enhancing its inspection, compliance and quality-control capabilities. The new additions include a SPECTRO MIDEX micro X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer with an ultrafast silicon drift detector (SDD) system for rapid and reliable elemental analysis. The MIDEX is designed

Motor technology reduces energy maintenance, noise

Radius Systems’ plant in Derbyshire, U.K., houses 14 extrusion lines, each of which produces polyethylene pipes from 16 to 1,200 mm, together with an injection molding facility making associated fittings for use by utilities companies for gas and water transfer. Eight lines are powered by dc motors, many of which are more than 20 years

What you need for fast and easy bottling machine implementation

Creating a fast bottle labeling (or cupping) machine requires the design and execution of complex and dynamic ECAM movements. There are many challenges involved in operating more than 60 integrated motor/drives on a fast rotating platform and transferring high-power and high-speed EtherCAT communications through slip rings. This type of design would require manipulators using the

Sterilizable brushless dc-slotted mini motors for surgical power hand tools

It’s always best to use components designed for specific industries or applications. This line of motors was designed for surgical powered hand tools—arthroscopic shavers, ENT microdebriders and large bone drills. Plus, they withstand up to 1,000 cycles of autoclaving. Arthroscopic shaver brushless dc mini motors drive powered surgical hand tools used in minimally invasive joint

Brushless DC motor with axial flux design

Dunkermotoren breaks the mold with its brushless DC motor development. The result is a motor concept which is characterized by a high power density and robustness. To meet the market demand with an attractive cost-benefit ratio, Dunkermotoren has developed a new axial flux motor design with stacked windings. The new BGA 22×22 is an ironless

Everything is really in the drive

For almost two decades, Dunkermotoren has pioneered brushless DC motors with fully integrated control electronics at a power range up to 550 W. With the BG 75 DMC (Direct Mains Connection), Dunkermotoren has succeeded in making an external power supply unnecessary by incorporating it into the motor housing. The 550W BG 75 DMC contains the

Power and functionality unified

With the BG 95 CI, Dunkermotoren successfully launched a compact drive based on a brushless DC motor with an output power of over 1 kW. The drive with its integrated control and power electronics can provide 1100 W continuous mechanical output power and has an integrated CANopen interface for an easy integration into a CANopen network. With voltage variants

Motor control: Steppers, Brushless DC motors and permanent magnet DC motors

by Chris Francis Electric motors are everywhere. For example, whereas in the past a car would have had only one electric motor – for starting – (and if you go back far enough, not even that), now they have dozens of them. They control windows, mirrors, ventilation flaps and engine functions. Even power steering is

HTI Technology acquires American Control Electronics

HTI Technology, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has acquired American Control Electronics, LLC. This acquisition will combine HTI Technology’s expertise in AC and DC motor technology and powered mechanism capabilities with American Control Electronics’ technology and market leadership in DC and AC electronic motor drives and controls, including both Minarik Drives and American

Capacitors for high temperature applications

Military and commercial markets continue to demand capacitors capable of high-reliability, long lifetime performance at operating temperatures in excess of the current 125° C. The AT Series MLCCs offer two new case sizes (0603 and 0805), two new voltage ratings (16 V VHT 250° C and 25 V VHT 200° C), and new C0G and

WITTENSTEIN cyber® dynamic line servo motors get a boost in power

WITTENSTEIN cyber® motor has enhanced its cyber® dynamic line servo motors with proprietary advanced winding techniques and superior magnetic materials that increase output power by as much as 47%. This enhancement was achieved within the original dimensions of the motors, improving overall performance within the same small footprint that is a signature feature of the

Red Lion extends PAX®2C PID control by adding FlexBus™ support

Red Lion Controls announced the integration of FlexBus™ technology to its PAX®2C proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller portfolio. By inserting field installable FlexCard™ modules, users can now populate PAX2C PID controllers in more than 150 configurations to monitor and control multiple application processes on a single display. Red Lion’s advanced PAX2C modular platform provides an easy upgrade

Zero-Max overhung load adaptors protect shaft seals in hydraulic systems

Zero-Max Overhung Load Adaptors protect shaft seals in hydraulic systems. They provide an intermediate mounting platform between a motor and pump to absorb both internal and external stress conditions in a hydraulic system. Designed to provide an extra layer of protection to hydraulic actuated functions, Overhung Load Adaptors prevent shaft seal breakdown, a condition often

Universal drive capabilities now available for Windjammer and Nautilair

  The families of compact Windjammer® and Nautilair® variable-speed brushless DC blowers now can be equipped with a newly introduced Universal Drive System that allows the blowers to operate over a wide range of voltage inputs from 100VAC-240VAC. This allows our customers to use one SKU globally for their air moving needs. Benefits of an AMETEK Universal Drive Nautilair

AMETEK MICROjammer Blowers offer precise control of air flow for your air-pillow packaging equipment

AMETEK’s MICROjammer™ series of high-performance, variable-speed brushless DC blowers may be a near-perfect choice of air mover for your air pillow packager. Historically the most compact and efficient unit in its class, the latest state-of-the-art version with full-wave controller allows an unparalleled amount of end user functional control, integrated directly into the blower itself. No

Dc motors help Rosetta space probe land on comet

At the end of May 2014, the Rosetta space probe moved into an orbit around the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko to map its surface and prepare for the landing of Philae. This ballistic lander, weighing 100 kg, landed successfully on the comet on Nov. 12, 2014. Landing on a comet—a maneuver that has never been performed before—is

ESCON module 24/2 servo motor controller

maxon motor expands its offering of miniaturized controllers with its latest OEM plug-in module. This high-performance 4-quadrant PWM servo motor controller is designed to command permanent-magnet-activated brushed and brushless DC motors with Hall sensors up to 48 Watt continuous output and 144 Watt peak output. Its features include: high usability, exceptional performance and power density

The new DCX motors and GPX gearboxes

Now even stronger, more efficient and with yet more combination options: There are new additions to the maxon family of X drive products. Several long versions of brushed DC motors, with higher torques and more power, are being added to the product range, together with matching planetary gearheads. Each of the 3-stage versions can now

RDEN DC input EMC filter is rated at 50A

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the DC input TDK-Lambda RDEN-048050 EMC filter to complement the existing R series of AC input EMC filters. The RDEN-048050 filter can accept an input voltage of up to 76VDC, and is rated for currents up to 50A. Enclosed in a metal case, connections are made via rugged M5