ITI announces Model Based Design/Model Based Manufacturing online workshop

International TechneGroup Incorporated (ITI) announces a one hour online workshop titled, “Recommendations for Planning, Designing and Implementing Model-Based Design (MBD) / Model-Based Manufacturing (MBM).” The workshop is derived from ITI’s latest white paper written in conjunction with Dave Baum, formerly of Raytheon. Baum has led the development and commercialization of new products in a variety

Introducing a new online tool for power quality simulations

Schaffner EMC introduces PQS, a Power Quality Simulation tool which allows planners, consultants and application engineers to accurately model and simulate low voltage 3-phase network topologies. This powerful…

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B&R mapp technology now includes robot-kinematics functions

B&R is expanding its mapp technology portfolio to include robot-kinematics functions for all the most common robot kinematic systems. Not only does this allow users to commission robots…

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ANSYS Provides Free Engineering Simulation Software To Students Worldwide

Students around the world now have free access to the same leading engineering simulation solutions used by top organizations and professional engineers to create the most advanced products on the planet, thanks to ANSYS (NASDAQ: ANSS). Released today, ANSYS® Student is a free, introductory academic software package for students interested in learning the fundamentals of

ANSYS 16.2 Releases The Latest Advances In Systems Engineering Technology

Using the newly released ANSYS® (NASDAQ: ANSS) 16.2, engineers can now create virtual prototypes of complete systems, enabling them to make significant strides in innovation and to unleash next-generation products within their industries. As products – from automobiles to smartphones to wearable technology – become more complex and development times continue to shrink, the need

Best Practices on Driving Design Decisions with Simulation

This webinar will provide guidance to attendees on how to drive more engineering decisions using simulation tools. Today, there are lots of different options. You can provide automation tools to simulation analysts to improve their productivity or you could provide CAD-embedded simulation tools to engineers for early simulation feedback on a daily basis. What is

SRON uses COMSOL to develop thermal calibration system for deep-space telescope

Heat management takes on a unique role in outer space, especially for cryogenic systems that demand extremely low temperatures in order to detect thermal radiation. This was a challenge faced by the engineering team at SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research when designing the SpicA Far-InfraRed Instrument (SAFARI), an infrared camera that measures the complete

MathWorks introduces Simulink Real-Time, offering complete, integrated Real-Time simulation and testing

MathWorks has announced the introduction of Simulink Real-Time into the Simulink product family. Available with the company’s Release 2014a (R2014a), Simulink Real-Time enables engineers to build, test, and run real-time applications from Simulink models on dedicated target computer hardware connected to their physical systems, providing a complete end-to-end real-time simulation and testing solution. Combining the

FEA Aids Deepwater Horizon Failure Forensics

By Leslie Langnau, Managing Editor On the evening of April 20, 2010, Deepwater Horizon suffered a blowout while drilling in the Macondo Prospect, an area in the Gulf of Mexico 40 miles off the southeast coast of Louisiana. The platform caught fire; two days later, it sank. Many attempts were made to seal the well,

Tool-suite Combats the Cost of Software

By Leslie Langnau, Managing Editor Automation Builder is an engineering development tool-suite to help you integrate the build of control and motion systems based on PLCs, safety PLCs, robots, motion control, and related automation components. Combining all of the tools required for configuring, programming, debugging and maintaining automation projects from a common intuitive interface, it

Multiphysics Moves to the Mainstream

by Evan Yares, Senior Editor & Analyst, Software In 1964, NASA undertook a review of its structural dynamics research program. At the time, its research centers were each separately developing structural analysis software to meet their own specific needs. The review recommended that a single generic FEA (finite element analysis) program should be developed, to

Meshing 101 – The Basics of CAE Meshing

Meshing for FEA and CFD is simple: Just start with your CAD model, break it up into a bunch of small pieces, and you’re all set to go. Provided, of course, that you don’t mind getting totally bogus analysis results. It’s more fair to say that the general concepts of meshing are simple, but that

Simulating from the beginning

Historically, the primary role of simulation has been in optimization and validation—things that tend to be done late in the product development process. It’s been generally recognized, for quite a long time, that there is real value to be gained in moving simulation up earlier in the process, to the detail design phase. Many commerical

CAE on the cloud

By Evan Yares, Senior Editor Will the availability of the high-performance cloud computing help drive use of CAE tools? The biggest problem with Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) is that too few people use it. There are several good reasons, but one that’s significant is money. CAE software licenses, and the big computers on which to

System Level Dynamic Simulation for Machinery Designers

By Evan Yares, Senior Editor & Analyst, Software Adams/Machinery makes analyst-level simulation practical for the rest of us. For engineers who build high-performance machinery, today’s CAD systems are a mixed bag. Most mainstream CAD programs include tools to evaluate part interference, and do kinematic motion studies. They often include closely integrated FEA, for studying linear

Optimizing Fluid System Design with Early CFD

Mentor Graphics couples its tools for component and system-level CFD CFD was once the exclusive realm of analysts with deep theoretical backgrounds and extensive experience. While those analysts still rule the realm, they’re no longer alone. The growth of early (often called “upfront” or “concurrent”) CFD tools has opened the field up to a new

Getting Good Results with CAE

by Evan Yares, Senior Editor & Analyst, Software It’s more about domain knowledge than software ease of use A shift in CAE software started, quite a long time ago, when SolidWorks started including a basic version of Cosmos FEA with their eponymous CAD package. It was the beginning of the “red is bad, green is

Simulation-Led Design Using SolidWorks® and COMSOL Multiphysics®

Multiphysics has earned the reputation as an excellent approach for simulation in engineering and science. Applying multiphysics simulation early in the product development process brings you reliable computer models to verify and optimize your designs This webinar will demonstrate how the COMSOL LiveLink for SolidWorks bridges the gap between design and analysis, integrating real-world simulation

Meshless FEA: A new way to solve linear static FEA problems

Finite Element Analysis has been around for a long time. Better than 50 years. Though it took awhile for computers to catch up with the processing and memory demands of FEA, today’s average PC is up to the task, even for challenging problems. Why, then, is FEA still thought of by many engineers as a

Optimizing the Design of an F1 Brake Cooling Duct

If you were going to pick a challenging use case for CFD software, you couldn’t do much better than Formula 1 racing. It’s a high-stakes game, with fast development cycles, and even faster feedback on failures. Every two weeks during the season, F1 teams get a reality check on their engineering. As a practical matter,

Advanced Modeling & Simulation Techniques for Multibody Robotic Systems

This webinar introduces new techniques and case studies for efficiently increasing the fidelity of system models for multibody robotic system design. Using symbolic computation techniques, multibody models can be effectively preprocessed to select optimal coordinate frames, eliminate redundant calculations, simplify algebraic constraints, and generate computationally minimal code for real-time deployment. Furthermore, novel mathematical techniques can

MEMS-based Device Accurately Measures Blood Viscosity

The viscosity of blood is widely regarded as an indicator of general health. When a blood vessel is damaged or broken, blood loss needs to be minimized, so a series of reactions begins to form a blood clot. A number of medical conditions adversely affect this process and in these cases patients are often prescribed

High-tech Tools for High-tech Jobs

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is implementing Maple, MapleSim, and MapleNet software in its various space-related projects. Whether creating America’s first satellite, Explorer 1, sending the first robotic craft to the moon, or exploring the edges of the solar system, JPL has been at the forefront of pushing the limits of exploration. Curiosity, JPLs latest space

Simulation Drives Monster Machines

Arktos Developments Ltd. (ADL), designer and manufacturer of an amphibious vehicle known as the Arktos Craft, uses Autodesk’s simulation software to prepare its products to operate in some of the world’s most environmentally demanding locations. Originally designed as an amphibious evacuation craft for Arctic offshore oil facilities, the Arktos Craft can move from -50° C

Real World Nonlinear Mechanical Applications

Until recently, most finite element analysis (FEA) applications undertaken by design engineers were limited to linear analysis which provides an acceptable approximation of real-life characteristics for most problems. However, occasionally more challenging problems arise that call for a nonlinear approach. In this webinar, you will hear about real-world nonlinear applications and case studies associated with