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Robot keeps operators safe in medical manufacturing

Recently, a prominent medical device manufacturer was looking for a way to reduce labor and increase safety in a potentially hazardous environment. Wire-shaping fixtures must go into heat-treat furnaces as part of the manufacturing process. However, there’s risk for human operators if they are required to handle this task. A robotic material handling system from

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Webinar: Best Practices on Driving Design Decisions with Simulation

Live webinar is April 28 at 2 PM Eastern.  This webinar will provide guidance to attendees on how to drive more engineering decisions using simulation tools. Today, there are lots of different options. You can provide automation tools to simulation analysts to improve their productivity or you could provide CAD-embedded simulation tools to engineers for

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Protect electronics from heat with Digital Control

EXAIR’s digital ETC (Electronic Temperature Control) is now available for Dual Cabinet Cooler Systems installed on large or high heat load enclosures. An ETC Dual Cabinet Cooler system will keep electrical enclosures cool while minimizing compressed air use. Systems produce 20°F air to eliminate high temperature malfunctions and protect sensitive electronics from harsh environments. They

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TE Connectivity plant wins environmental steward award

The N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources has recognized the TE Connectivity Pegg Road plant in Greensboro as a 2014 Environmental Steward, one of only 21 facilities in North Carolina to earn the coveted award for a commitment to superior environmental performance. “Companies like TE Connectivity show that economic success and environmental stewardship can

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Optimizing built-in tire pressure monitoring sensors

Miniature sensors that regulate automobile performance are designed in a very particular way to operate properly while housed directly on moving automobile tires. They need to have the sensitivity to pick up measurements while in motion and the durability to withstand the elements. Tire pressure is the unsung hero of automobile performance. When inflated to

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Entrepreneur illuminates nightime sports with Onshape cloud-based CAD

As a former college athlete, AfterDark Technologies founder and CEO Dan Wilson will never forget the indignity of being kicked off the sports field. It didn’t matter that he and his Cornell University Swim Team friends didn’t have dibs on his school’s various lit fields at night. After all, none of the football, soccer or

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igus celebrates National Robotics Week at the 2nd annual Rhode Island Robot Block Party

igus, founder of the yes (Young Engineers Support) Program, will be wrapping up National Robotics Week with an educational celebration at the 2nd annual Robot Block Party, April...

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