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Groov now has event notification and lower-cost options

groov 3.0 adds event-based email notifications to groov and a mobile operator interface system that connects machines, equipment, and control systems with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Now, industrial automation end-users, system integrators, machine OEMs, or any authorized person can receive immediate email messages when a connected machine or system needs attention. groov is

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Low-alloy steel to metal injection molding

Product designers and engineers can now get injection-molded low-alloy steel prototypes and low-volume production parts at rapid manufacturer Proto Labs, Inc. (NYSE: PRLB). The technology-driven company has added two nickel steel materials (Catamold FN02 and FN0205) and a chrome-moly material (Catamold 42CrMo4) that is the metal injection molding (MIM) equivalent of 4140 steel. The new

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Littelfuse adds ESD suppression selection tool

Littelfuse, Inc. has expanded the range of circuit protection devices included in the Littelfuse iDesign™ online simulation and product selection tool. First introduced in April 2014, this robust web-based tool now includes an ESD selection tool that helps circuit designers choose from the company’s growing line of TVS Diode Arrays (SPA® silicon protection arrays). These

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What’s new in metal additive manufacturing standards

Standards for metal material and additive manufacturing machines and process are under continuous development, with ASTM and ASTM International spearheading them.  Carl Dekker, President of Met-L-Flo Inc., is also...

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Security platform for industrial automation

Icon Labs’ Floodgate security products have been integrated with Mentor Graphics’ Nucleus RTOS and Mentor Embedded Linux. This combination creates a secure platform for industrial automation and extends the Internet of Secure Things initiative into industrial control systems. The integration of Floodgate products and Embedded Linux provides: security policy management event and command audit log

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Ultrasonic welding preserves abilities of medical test chips

Antibiotic-resistant infections represent a latent hazard for patients and a serious challenge for health care facilities. Greiner Bio-One, an international medical technology company, has created a test chip to help detect these infections. To create this chip, two pieces of polystyrene must be joined without disrupting the chips characteristics. The test chip, called Genspeed, is

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Materials help improve the manufacturability of antennas

Advances in materials science are enabling next-generation technologies, like low-profile conformal antennas and antennas integrated into housings, that help reduce complexity, simplify manufacturing and deliver better performance. Fiber-filled composites will be instrumental in creating lower profile antennas because they are stronger than the unfilled plastics often used in today’s technology and even allow for thinner

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