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Masterbond's EP29LPAO is a two component thermally conductive, electrically insulative epoxy well suited for potting and encapsulating. This video explains proper handling and mixing techniques for this product as well as demonstrates various casting applications, highlighting its low exotherm and long working life.
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Researchers use 3D printing to cut costs of medical appliances

Prosthetics and orthotics are necessary for a variety of patients, but the current manufacturing process for these medical devices is time-consuming and costly for both patients and hospitals. The students at Gonzaga University began a research project to explore ways to lower development time and cost using a large format 3D printer from 3D Platform. […]

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ISO 9001-2008 Mearthane

Mearthane Products Corp. (MPC) highlights product development in newest ISO 9001:2008 registration

Mearthane Products Corp. (MPC), a leading developer and manufacturer of customized components based on specially formulated thermoset polyurethanes for use in a wide range of applications and industries, highlights its extensive formulation and product design in its latest ISO 9001: 2008 conformance registration. MPC’s ISO 9001:2008 registration focuses on its design and manufacture of customized

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Rittal Blue e+

Energy efficient a/c combines two different cooling modes

Controls inside industrial cabinets now stay cool efficiently thanks to a combination of a conventional air conditioner and a new take on evaporative cooling. Leland Teschler Executive Editor When industrial controls enclosures and server racks get hot enough to demand their own cooling means, the usual approach is to give the enclosure its own air

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OPC and CLPA agree to coordinate communications in machine to IT systems

Digitalization in industrial automation requires consistent communications across all levels while using Internet technologies. The OPC Foundation and the CLPA hope to enable digitilization by developing an interface specification. At the Hannover Fair, Thomas J. Burke, President and Executive Director of the OPC Foundation and Naomi Nakamura, Global Director of the CC-Link Partner Association signed

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An approach to securing the IoT

IT systems leverage firewalls to monitor security risks on the IT network. But these IT firewalls are not aware of industrial protocols used on the plant floor – limiting the ability to minimize risk throughout the entire network. Cisco and Rockwell Automation are collaborating to develop a deep-packet-inspection (DPI) technology for use in industrial security

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Linking serial protocols to EtherNet/IP

The serial EtherNet/IP Linking Device lets you include any automation device with a serial RS-232/422/485 application interface in an EtherNet/IP-based network architecture. It supports many serial protocols including Modbus, DF1, produce/consume, ASCII and custom protocols. It is a cost-effective alternative to in-chassis communication modules. The distributed EtherNet/IP Linking Device brings several advantages. Contrary to an

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Getting past wasted energy

At this year’s Hannover Fair in Germany, an executive panel touched on the importance of using energy properly. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, industry accounts for about one-third of energy used in the U.S. This means that there is an estimated $60 billion in waste. The panel was asked what industry can do

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Sensors for medical wearable devices

Medical wearable technology continues to be a popular product. Many companies are developing sensors to solve a range of design challenges for these non-invasive body-monitoring devices. One of those challenges is accuracy. Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) and LifeQ plan to design sensors that enable personalized, continuous and accurate tracking of physiological parameters such as heart

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Easy release for shaft collars

Changeovers of shaft-mounted tools, reels/spools and other objects can be handled more quickly with shaft collars that feature quick-release. One example is the Easylock shaft collars, which install quickly without special tools for non-slip holding of tools and reels on smooth, case hardened (Rockwell > 55) shafts. A new option – Easylock positive release –

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Case Study: Yaskawa improves turnaround time and accuracy for automated reference lab

Yaskawa Motoman recently collaborated with Mayo Medical Laboratories, Rochester, Minn., to implement an automated state-of-the-industry specimen system. The automated laboratory handles tens of thousands of patient vials every...

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Kaman Memory announces complete data storage system

The Memory Division of Kaman Precision Products, Inc., announced that its Model 9740 Complete Data Storage Solution is ideal for use in severe environments. These applications include military settings such as fighter aircraft, as well as other aerospace and industrial settings.  As a complete data storage solution, the Model 9740 includes an electronics module, a

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Next gen 3D printers tout industrial production capability

Increasingly, additive manufacturing developers are introducing systems for serialized production. The Renishaw RenAM 500M, for example, builds complex metallic components directly from CAD using metal powder bed fusion...

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Lubricants in space – new literature for Nye

Nye Lubricants, Inc. announces that they will be revealing a new aerospace brochure at the 2016 Space Tech Expo. Lubricants for aerospace applications have been formulated at Nye for over 65 years. The new Lubricants in Space brochure is a demonstration of Nye’s space heritage. The brochure includes examples of lubricants designed specifically for applications

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Wall mount steel enclosures for harsh environments

The HWHK Series, from Hammond Manufacturing, is a family of easy to open, yet secure, wall mount enclosures designed to house electrical and/or electronic equipment in harsh industrial environments. Available as standard in 30 sizes in six heights from 24 to 60 in., five widths from 16 to 36 in. and five depths from 6

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Make the right choice for metal coating for the right application

by Alan Cain, Group Leader/Research Chemist, Chemline, Inc. Metals make it possible to have a variety of products, such as industrial production equipment, automobiles, aircraft, or consumer electronics. The corrosion metals are subject to, however, is a problem. Preventive measures, such as the right coating, can delay or eliminate corrosion. The annual cost of corrosion

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