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Simpler machine tool design

A mechatronic design tool will help you size a motion system within a single platform. Finally, some companies are cooperating together to make it easier to design a whole system. Tolomatic and Rockwell Automation have announced that you will be able to specify electric rod actuators and rodless electro-mechanical actuators on Rockwell’s Motion Analyzer web-based

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Custom materials for semiconductor applications

Better component or easier assembly performance often requires polymers, sometimes in custom blends. This can be true when designing fluid delivery systems, as well as in many static or dynamic applications. Minnesota Rubber and Plastics molds miniature components using custom blends of PEEK, polycarbonate, polysulphone, Nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene, FKM and EPDM elastomers. Many of these

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The total package: How to design a film wrapping machine with direct-drive technology

Guaranteeing packaging results every time, even when product characteristics vary and product types change often, is one of the greatest challenges facing a machine builder. This was the primary consideration for Alpenland Maschinenbau (ALPMA) when designing its new MultiSAN film wrapping machine. The machine packages round and rectangular soft cheeses, as well as cheeses in

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Smaller robots help increase efficiency

Comau has introduced a high-speed, 6-axis articulated robot that features a payload of 3 kg and a reach of 630 mm. The third robot within the Racer family, the Racer3 is the company’s response to the market demand for fast, cost-effective robotic automation within small- to medium-sized companies and emerging countries. With a streamlined design

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Automated handling of uneven stacks

Fresenius Medical Care SMAD uses a smart system to handle uneven stacks of dialyzers. This system consists of a robot that uses two 2D sensors to detect the position of dialyzers and move them to a conveyor without human intervention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Fresenius Medical Care SMAD specializes in kidney

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Use your 3D printing skills to help differently-abled veterans

Over the years, there have been a number of heart-warming stories about innovators and engineers using 3D printing to design prosthetics and other systems that help veterans regain...

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Make it clear: choices for 3D printing transparent parts

How would you go about 3D printing a transparent product? You have a few choices in either material selection or 3D printing process. Creating a perfectly transparent product,...

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