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A new addition to integration tools family

Yaskawa offers a variety of integration tools to help make commissioning a drive into a communication network easier. We are pleased to announce that we will be adding a new addition to our toolbox of integration – Add-on Instructions (AOI) for use in Rockwell Automation’s Logix Designer/RSLogix 5000 (version 16 and above). Yaskawa AOI’s will

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Bimba will be a Corporate Sponsor of the US Amateur Golf Championship

Bimba announced it is a Corporate Supporter of the 2015 US Amateur Championship, the oldest golf tournament in the United States. From August 17 to August 23, more than 300 amateur golfers from around the world will compete to add their names to the storied list of historic winners of the US Amateur, which includes

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Component miniaturization in a broad range of materials gives design engineers more options and greater flexibility

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics provides custom miniaturized components in a broad range of materials, giving designers more options and greater flexibility. Enhanced component or assembly performance often requires advanced polymers including custom blends. This is particularly true designing fluid delivery systems, or for many static or dynamic applications. Minnesota Rubber and Plastics molds miniature components

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The AZ Series 0.36° Battery-Free, Absolute Sensor Equipped Stepper Motor & Driver Package Key Features

Oriental Motor’s 0.36° battery-free, absolute sensor equipped motor and driver package

Oriental Motor USA has introduced its latest technology for advanced positioning applications, the AZ Series 0.36° Battery-Free, Absolute Senor Equipped Motor and Driver package. The AZ Series offers closed loop control, substantially reduces heat generation from the motor and incorporates a newly developed Absolute Sensor for absolute-type positioning. The new Absolute Sensor operates autonomously, without

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PQ12-P Linear Actuator with Feedback

3d printed hand for amputees uses Firgelli’s miniature actuators

Youbionic’s artificial hand intended for amputees uses Firgelli’s PQ12-P Linear Actuator with Feedback. Product Details Miniature Linear Actuators with 20mm stroke, and built in position feedback potentiometer. Apply positive voltage to extend and negative to retract. Connect to the internal potentiometer to read the position feedback.   NOTE: Turn your PQ12 -P into a Linear

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L16 Series

Firgelli L16 series with PMDC motor & rectangular cross section

The L16 series is slightly larger version of the L12 series. It has an axial design that utilizes a powerful PMDC motor and a rectangular cross section for increased strength. But by far the most attractive feature of this actuator is the broad spectrum of configurations available. Firgelli Technologies L16 series is available in three

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Innovation in motion control from Vena Engineering

Watsonville, CA – May 25, 2015 – Vena Engineering Corp, manufacturer of industrial automation and test equipment for 20 years, introduces a sweeping step forward in motion control technology. PiMotion multi-platform, multi-language, secure Ethernet-connected motion controller with integrated linear amplifier will revolutionize motor control. PiMotion offers motion control with innovative attributes: ● True sine wave

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