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Cognex expands 3D sensor portfolio

Cognex Corporation announced an expanded portfolio of 3D laser displacement sensors, an industrial vision controller, and powerful new 3D vision tools. The DS1050, DS1101, and DS1300 sensors address an unprecedented variety of 3D applications demanding high resolution and expanded measurement range. The DS1000 series now comes bundled with the new Cognex VC5 vision controller, delivering

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Isolated PCI Express Mini Card

ACCES I/O Products, Inc., has announced the release of a new family of PCI Express Mini Cards, the mPCIe-ICM Series. These isolated serial communication cards measure just 30...

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Increase packaging performance without adding costs

Primary packaging is the more challenging task in the packaging industry. In these machines, the packaging material meets the product at the highest possible speed; as a result, the level of precision has a direct influence on product quality and the usage of raw materials. Gravimetric and volumetric filling processes in liquid filling machines, for

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How to reduce the weight of a heat shield

Protected by the shell of its launch-rocket during blastoff, NASA’s Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV) must get back to earth on its own at mission’s end. To keep capsule and crew safe under the huge reentry and splashdown loads—temperatures exceeding 4,800° F and speeds up to 25,000 mph—a 16.4-ft. diameter ablative thermal protection system is

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Rack and pinion drives go long

Ballscrews for long machine travel application can be expensive and can require additional motion components for sufficient support over the needed travel distance. If a machine application requires high operating speeds as well, then machine costs can increase because of the need for larger servomotors and servo drives. The design engineers at Proteck, an Indian

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PLCs control massive hangar doors at San Francisco International Airport

The door controls, motors and gear drives of the Superbay Maintenance Hangar at the San Francisco International Airport needed a retrofit. The previous control system was built in 1969 and consisted of multiple relays, contactors, timers, antiquated power track systems and miles of wiring requiring continuous maintenance. The massive hangar boasts two 130 x 90

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Modular, flexible fixtures speed changeover

To meet the demand for its ever-expanding line of cylinders and related products, TRD Manufacturing, Inc., a division of Bimba, a leading actuation company, sought a partner to develop fixturing to allow quick set-up and the flexibility to run small or large batches of product from a multitude of workpiece block sizes. TRD turned to

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