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Thermoplastic injection molding

Offering from the design concept to finished molded products Product Design Mold Construction Short Run Production Custom Assembly UV Bonding Mold Design Prototype Development High Volume Production Custom Assembly Eagle has now expanded our product capabilities and product offerings to include PLASTIC INJECTION MOLDING. The same level of dedication, meticulousness, and product quality that we

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Custom molded filter screen assemblies limit contamination & reduce product failure

Molded screen insert assemblies from Minnesota Rubber and Plastics are custom designed for water, beverage, off-highway and transportation applications to filter out fluid contaminants and reduce product failure. A wide range of screen options are available in many materials for difficult filtration applications allowing use with different fluids. Filter assembly orifice sizes available range from

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Capacitors3 (1)

Choosing Ceramic Capacitors

It may seem a bit mundane but choosing ceramic capacitors can cause some problems and confusion. Ceramic capacitors have taken over from aluminum electrolytic capacitors and tantalum electrolytics...

Power Electronic Tips

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Freudenberg-FST Aero O-Ringe O-rings

Fireproof materials for the aviation industry

Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies has introduced new materials that help aircraft manufacturers save weight and production costs while exceeding fire resistance and fireproof requirements for engine nacelles. Seals in engine nacelles must withstand fire of more than 1,832° F (1,000°C) for 15 minutes per ISO 2685 and AC 20-135. Until now, special, fabric-reinforced materials have been

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Analog (1)

Calculating and comparing amplifier noise

I was recently presented with the problem of comparing the noise of two alternative designs that were presented to me. Normally that wouldn’t take much sorting out –...

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Albright Technologies adds silicone injection molding

Albright Technologies announced the introduction of liquid silicone injection molding services for prototype and low volume production purposes. Albright recently acquired several injection molding presses for its operation....

Make Parts Fast

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Advantech Launches New Intel Atom Quad-Core Control DIN-Rail PC

Advantech’s Industrial Automation Group introduces the UNO-1372G small-size control DIN-rail embedded automation computer that features three GbE ports for fast data transfer, two mPCIe slots to enable connection to 3rd party devices, one mSATA connector and one SATA for a SSD or HDD, two COM ports, three USB ports, eight digital I/O ports, and HDMI/VGA

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