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New Compact Rotary Latch Series From Southco Features Integrated Bracket For Simplified Installation

Southco, Inc. has recently expanded its successful line of rotary latching solutions with the launch of the R4-10 Rotary Latch with Integrated Bracket. The newest

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WAGO Power Tap is Two-in-One, Current Transformer and Voltage Tap

WAGO’s Power Tap allows for both current transformation and voltage tapping in one device. The Power Tap is specially designed to work in conjunction with

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Acromag’s New Ethernet Communication Modules Offer Optional Power Over Ethernet

Acromag announced today an addition to their PCIe-based AcroPack® modules, the AP580 Series. These mini boards provide a single Ethernet 10, 100, or 1000 Mbps

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New Miniature IP68 Rated Data Recorder

The new SLICE IP68 data acquisition system is designed to capture physical signals in challenging environments. Targeted at applications with size or mass constraints, SLICE

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Eaton Doubles Down on Safety with New Double-Door, Line-Side Isolation Switch

Power management company Eaton today announced the launch of its double-door, line-side isolation switch, the industry’s first compartmentalized, fusible safety switch. The latest in Eaton’s

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New, Keystone Battery Holders with PCB Connectors

A broad, new selection of Keystone’s popular plastic battery holders now includes the option to have holders with a PCB connector plug pre-installed to the

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Hamilton introduces new shock absorbing casters

Hamilton Caster is introducing a new line of shock absorbing casters designed to meet the needs of the growing aerospace industry. These spring-loaded casters feature

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DRQ series bus converters deliver 800 Watts @ 95.8% efficiency for telco & networking applications

The DRQ-8/100-L48xx series of quarter brick, intermediate bus converters (IBC) are designed specifically for the high power density requirements of infrastructure equipment applications, networking and

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Engineers and the fate of all plastics ever made

Leland Teschler – Executive Editor lteschler@wtwhmedia.com On Twitter @ DW—LeeTeschler A research paper made headlines recently when it claimed 79% of all plastics made since

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Encoder helps make packaging machines operate faster

The Sendix F58 encoders combine certified EtherNet/IP support with patented mechanical and electro-optic technologies for accuracy and reliability. These optical absolute single- and multi-turn EtherNet/IP

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Sealing system keeps tunnel industry digging

Tunnels are getting larger, deeper, and excavated in more challenging conditions. There is also growing pressure to successfully complete these projects while meeting increasing demands

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Bushing makes cleaning pumps easy

This impeller lobe assembly will help food and beverage users speed through cleaning tasks. The ETP-CONNECT shaft connection is for pump drives with solid shafts.

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Pluggable terminal blocks eliminate screw-terminal connections

Dinkle International announces the availability of its pluggable terminal blocks, a series of products with a unique push-in-design for connecting wires to the terminal blocks.

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total solar eclipse 1991 baja 2017

4 total solar eclipse tips from an engineer

I’ve chased the moon’s shadow before, and have been blessed enough to witness totality twice—in Mexico in 1991 and off the coast of Curacao in

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SL Power’s MB60S 60 Watt Single Output Medical Series Now Shipping from Sager Electronics

Sager Electronics is now stocking SL Power’s MB60S 60 Watt Single Output Medical Series. The MB60S Medical Series has a small 2” x 3” x

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