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What’s Cooking? How Bit Stew, GE’s Latest Digital Acquisition, Spices Up The Industrial Internet Of Things

Thomas Edison famously said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Kevin Collins can relate. By fanning the embers of

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Roland DGA to Showcase Education-Enhancing Technologies at ACTE CareerTech Expo

Roland DGA, a provider of wide-format printers, rapid prototyping 3D milling machines and other innovative digital devices, will be showcasing its latest technologies at the

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Intelligrated announces IntelliGen palletizing software for robotic operations

Intelligrated now offers IntelliGen palletizing software that allows operations to easily adjust pallet load configuration without the need for extra programming or cumbersome integration. Designed for robotic palletizing operations that handle a variety of product types and sizes, the new software allows operators to simply adjust load patterns and stacking characteristics based on changing product […]

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New additive manufacturing system from Stratasys

Stratasys Ltd. introduces the next generation of the Stratasys Fortus 900mc, a robust FDM Production 3D Printer built for functional prototyping, manufacturing aids, tooling and short-run direct digital manufacturing. With additional key features and certifications, the 3D printer allows for improved use along with a rapid installation process that saves time for the users. The […]

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Stratasys and Siemens plan to take additive manufacturing to volume production

Stratasys Ltd. (Nasdaq:SSYS) and Siemens announced a formal partnership to integrate Siemens’ Digital Factory solutions with Stratasys’ additive manufacturing solutions. The partnership is intended to lay the foundation for the two companies to fulfill their shared vision of incorporating additive manufacturing (AM) into the traditional manufacturing workflow, helping AM become a universally recognized production practice […]

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Liquid metals show promise in speeding additive manufacturing

The task of removing support structures for metal 3D printed / additively manufactured parts has always been a challenge. So much so, that it’s often better to design the part so that it doesn’t need support. But when the design must have an overhang that requires support, or support to reduce thermally induced distortion, you […]

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EnvisionTEC’s new 3D printer offers double resolution

EnvisionTEC, a leading global provider of 3D printers and materials, debuted the Vector Hi-Res 3SP at formnext in Frankfurt, Germany. The Vector Hi-Res 3SP has a large build envelope of 300 x 175 x 200 mm (11.8 x 6.9 x 7.9 in.) and offers resolution of 0.002 in. or 60 µm in the X and […]

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Trumpf to use Siemens software for its additive manufacturing systems

Laser system manufacturer Trumpf and engineering technology leader Siemens announced a new partnership to help industrialize laser metal fusion technology and make the additive manufacturing process for metal parts an integral part of the production process. The two companies – who announced their partnership at the formnext trade fair in Frankfurt – are pooling their […]

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Smart edge devices with embedded HMI software, such as InduSoft’s IoTView, can be monitored by a smartphone or tablet. courtesy of AutomationDirect

The benefits of embedding HMI in near edge devices

Compact HMI software can be integrated into near-edge devices to add IIoT connectivity and other functions. Scott Kortier, InduSoft Web Studio Senior Technical Engineer at

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Robot conveyor system fills molds and other parts on pallet

Manually filling and handling molds with plastisol and other fluids can be labor intensive. The bench top RC Series Robot Conveyor system streamlines this type

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Solutions address trends in packaging

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) makers face many operational challenges claims PMMI’s OpX Leadership Network. Because of a persistent skills gap, designers must continually simplify machinery

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Material suits light-weight needs of aircraft design

Another material has been qualified for the development of light-weight parts for aircraft. The Ixef BM-1524 polyarylamide (PARA) meets the Boeing BMS 8-270 standard governing

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W.L. Wore & Assoc. aviation Ethernet cable (RCN9034_26
photograh by Eric Crossan

Ethernet cabling helps upgrade F-16 aircraft

When upgrading any aircraft, proper connector-cable termination practices are crucial to ensure complete and accurate high-speed data transfer. The F-16 upgrade initiative is using Gore

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Detectors power “electronic eyes” aboard OSIRIS-Rex

When the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft was launched on its mission to reach the Bennu asteroid, it went with three high-resolution image detectors that will serve as

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3D printed car also launches drones

A car that launches a drone—where’s Q? This feels a bit like a James Bond movie. The car is a 3D printed collaboration between Mouser Electronics Inc. and Local Motors for the Mouser Empowering Innovation Together program. The video shows the final vehicle build, complete with “Fly Mode” drone interoperability. Fly Mode features a drone […]

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