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Go wireless with fluorescent light tubes

Here’s an interesting approach to wireless, and potentially IoT, technology. LiFi (light fidelity) has advanced to the point of introducing a new form of mainstream

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SPIROL introduces molded-in aluminum threaded inserts for plastics

SPIROL is pleased to introduce a high performance line of Molded-in Inserts for Plastics manufactured from aluminum. The robust design of the Series 60 Blind-End

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industrial network

“Industrial network” is another way of saying, “Hack me”

Leland Teschler, Executive Editor lteschler@wtwhmedia.com On Twitter @DW_LeeTeschler An article in Wired Magazine raised eyebrows awhile back when it explained a way hackers could destroy

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Weintek smart communication gateway cMT-G01 eliminates need for separate HMI

In a recent video with Design World executive editor Lee Teschler, we got the chance to review a Weintek cMT-G01 smart communication gateway. The new

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Entry-Level Compact DAQ Embedded Computers hit 1 MS/sec with multi-function, 16-channel, 12/16-bit resolution

Advantech’s IIoT Automation Group is pleased to introduce the new MIC-1800 series.  When there is a need for a compact platform that can acquire analog

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Erni optimizes board and wire connector solutions for industrial drives and controllers

ERNI Electronics continues to support industrial automation by taking advantage of decades of electro-mechanical contact design and employing that experience in ruggedized factory applications. Industrial

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Laird’s Thermoelectric Cooling Solutions Offer Cost-effective Alternative for Beverage Cooling

Laird has a long history of providing standard and custom thermoelectric cooling systems to the food and beverage industry. Beverage cooling applications, from soda fountains to

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exair gen4

Gen4 Ionizing Point delivers precision static elimination

EXAIR’s new Gen4 Ionizing Point delivers a high concentration of positive and negative ions to neutralize static electricity without requiring compressed air.  This compact and

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New Addition to Ogura Product Line – AMC/AMB-E Series

Ogura Industrial is pleased to announce a new addition to our product line.  Although the AMC and AMB series are not new, they have gone

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Solar Atmospheres Thermally Treats First FAA Certified Ti-6Al-4V Structural AM Aviation Components

Solar Atmospheres successfully processed the first FAA Certified structural additive manufactured Ti-6Al-4V parts that were produced by Norsk Titanium AS destined for installation on a

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SMD Non-isolated Switching Regulators K78T-500R3/1000R3 Series

MORNSUN K78 series are non-isolated regulators known for compact size, high efficiency and compatible with traditional LM78xx linear regulators. New SMD packaged K78T-500R3/K78T-1000R3 series are

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3W AC/DC converter integrated CAN/485 transceiver

TLAxx-03KCAN & TLAxx-03K485 series are 3W AC/DC power supplies integrated CAN/485 transceiver and can directly get power from AC 220V. They come in compact size

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5-65W High-efficiency DOE Level VI AC Adapters

MORNSUN newest 5-65W AC adapters are designed for a universal input (85Vac to 265Vac) exceeding DOE Level VI requirements for external power supplies which are

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Filter Fan Kits with Louvered Sliding and Hinged Guards From Orion Fans Reduce Installation and Maintenance Costs

Orion Fans has expanded the industry’s lowest cost louvered filter fan kit offering to include sliding and hinged guard versions. Made up of a louvered

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Fixture Plates and Why You Should Use Them

Machining parts is easy… work-holding is the hard part! Fixturing, part setups, and work holding is a never ending skill. Any time I have the

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