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In this on-location video, Design World's Mary Gannon talks with Clippard's Attila Kiss and Glenn Rahm about the company's new NIV series of media isolation valves, which are made with PTFE to resist corrosive media. This new solenoid-operated valve line uses a flexible diaphragm to isolate the actuation mechanism from the fluid path. Kiss highlights how the valves are manufactured in a state-of-the-art clean room for use in medical and analytical applications while Rahm discusses the challenges Clippard had to overcome when working with PTFE for the first time in its pneumatic valve designs.
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Reliability concerns drive UAV propulsion technologies

by Leland Teschler, Executive Editor Makers of unmanned vehicles are leaning on technology to field drones that can fly longer with fewer worries about maintenance. Eyeball the radio-controlled model planes at your local hobby store and you’ll likely see some of the same components now found on the unmanned aerial vehicles used in missions over

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Aerospace regulations can prove challenging for successful design projects

Edited by: Paul J. Heney, Editorial Director There’s a rough rule of thumb that’s widely observed in aircraft system design and development: It usually takes at least five years to go from the original concept of a new system to the point at which the FAA issues a Type Certificate, so that an actual aircraft

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Lubricants play critical role in space applications

Satellites must operate around the clock in a harsh and extreme environment. While they seem to glide gracefully through space, reaction wheels inside are constantly spinning at high speed to provide small but precise adjustments for the position and altitude. Essentially, the reaction wheel is a flywheel, where torque is applied to a single axis

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When “scientific reasoning” is an oxymoron

by Leland Teschler, Executive Editor, @DW_LeeTeschler The journal Science had an interesting take on a recent statement by the American Statistical Association (ASA): Imagine the American Physical Society convening a panel of experts to issue a missive to the scientific community on the difference between weight and mass. And imagine that the impetus for such

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Opto 22 Releases PAC Project Automation Software v9.5

Enhanced software suite includes IIoT integration through a RESTful API to controller tags and I/O—an automation and controls industry first Industrial automation manufacturer Opto 22 has announced immediate availability of version 9.5 of PAC Project™, a Microsoft® Windows®-based integrated software development suite for industrial automation, process control, remote monitoring, and Internet of Things applications. The

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Universal Serial Bus Foot Control

Linemaster Switch Corporation has introduced the new USB (Universal Serial Bus) foot switch. The new USB foot control is offered in various wired and wireless configurations to suit most applications. Perform multiple functions like emulating a mouse or keyboard keystroke with your feet while freeing your hands to perform additional operations. Certain models are field

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New DIN Rail Enclosures With Integrated Terminal Blocks

OKW has extended its RAILTEC C DIN rail enclosures range with a new CV version that features four integrated terminal blocks. New RAILTEC CV can be specified for a wide range of applications including automation, building technology, safety systems and HVAC – notably time controllers, sensors, relays, signal distributors and lighting controls. It can be

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Field-Proven Wireless Medical-Grade Foot Switches

Since 2004, Steute has pioneered the development of wireless foot switches for medical applications, with thousands installed worldwide controlling radiology systems, ophthalmic surgery equipment, surgical microscopes, patient tables and other devices. These units are designed with their proprietary, globally-accessible, 2.4 GHz frequency-hopping protocol. This bidirectional, 32 RF-channel protocol changes transmission frequency 200 times per second…

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NEW Medical-Grade Foot Switches

Whether in diagnostics, the operating theatre or doctors’ surgeries, medical equipment must be operated intuitively if physicians and other medical staff are to be able to concentrate fully on their patients. In this field of very demanding man-machine interfaces, Steute possesses comprehensive expertise. Steute Meditec produces not only a standard range of foot and hand

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Registration Opens for Introductory Powder Metallurgy Short Course

Registration has opened for the Basic Powder Metallurgy (PM) Short Course, the powder metallurgy industry’s longest-running course, which will be held August 15–17, 2016, at Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel, State College, Pennsylvania. The Basic PM Short Course will feature nearly three full days of programing focusing on an introduction to powder metallurgy ideal for

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15,000 Metric Gears – Shipped Factory Direct

With the largest selection of stock metric gears, KHK USA is now able to meet the needs of industrial automation designs with off-the-shelf gears with the fastest of lead times. KHK USA based in Mineola NY, stocks approximately 4,500 skus in the New York warehouse for same day warehouse shipping and can now deliver, within

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tungsten parts

Photo-etched tungsten parts excel in medical applications

Photo-etched parts made from materials such as nitinol, elgiloy, titanium, and niobium find extensive use in the medical industry. Tech-Etch in Plymouth, Mass., specializes in the photo-chemical etching of tungsten. Because tungsten is extremely dense, 71% heavier than lead, it often serves in medical applications, including grids used to collimate and attenuate stray x-rays in

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Researchers use 3D printing to cut costs of medical appliances

Prosthetics and orthotics are necessary for a variety of patients, but the current manufacturing process for these medical devices is time-consuming and costly for both patients and hospitals. The students at Gonzaga University began a research project to explore ways to lower development time and cost using a large format 3D printer from 3D Platform. […]

Make Parts Fast

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ISO 9001-2008 Mearthane

Mearthane Products Corp. (MPC) highlights product development in newest ISO 9001:2008 registration

Mearthane Products Corp. (MPC), a leading developer and manufacturer of customized components based on specially formulated thermoset polyurethanes for use in a wide range of applications and industries, highlights its extensive formulation and product design in its latest ISO 9001: 2008 conformance registration. MPC’s ISO 9001:2008 registration focuses on its design and manufacture of customized

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Rittal Blue e+

Energy efficient a/c combines two different cooling modes

Controls inside industrial cabinets now stay cool efficiently thanks to a combination of a conventional air conditioner and a new take on evaporative cooling. Leland Teschler Executive Editor When industrial controls enclosures and server racks get hot enough to demand their own cooling means, the usual approach is to give the enclosure its own air

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