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PEM® Type TSO4™ Self-Clinching Standoffs

New PEM® Type TSO4™ self-clinching stainless steel standoffs introduced by PennEngineering® provide ideal fastener solutions for stacking or spacing components to (or from) ultra-thin stainless steel panels. These specially hardened stainless fasteners install reliably and permanently into stainless steel sheets as thin as .025”/0.63mm with only a single mating screw required for final component attachment.

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High-Speed Digital Materials for Sequential Lamination Technology Gain Momentum

Isola Group S.à r.l., in the market of copper-clad laminates and dielectric prepreg materials used to fabricate advanced multilayer printed circuit boards (PCBs), announced that I-Speed has been endorsed by two leading companies as the laminate of choice for PCBs using sequential lamination technology, requiring high conductive anodic filament (“CAF”) reliability and improved, cost effective

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Permanent Magnet Bearing Breakthrough

To date, PM bearings could hold the shaft along one axis only. In addition they were damping. As a result, electromagnetic bearings were used. We designed a new type of PM bearing that rigidly holds the shaft in both axial and radial directions. This means that it is rigidly stable in all possible directions. Our

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Solving Common Sensor Application Problems

Webinar: Solving Common Sensor Application Problems

Live webinar is Thursday, May 29, at 2:00 p.m. Register for the webinar by clicking the button below. System designers face a surprising variety of sensing issues these days from continuously monitor factory machinery to making multiple measurements with limited space. Sensor suppliers recognize the challenges and with the help of in-house experts have designed

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Open, adaptable and modular safety solution from Pilz

Just as products come in packaging of all shapes and sizes, so do today’s demands on packaging machines. Although packaging is primarily there to protect the content, product presentation frequently boosts the incentive to buy and is constantly adjusted to meet point-of-sale requirements. Even when the packaging tasks are changed frequently, operators expect reliability, high

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FACTIVITY Forms Strategic Partnership With Opto 22

FACTIVITY has just become a partner with Opto 22, a worldwide supplier of PAC (Programmable Automation Controllers). Opto 22 manufactures controllers, I/O, solid-state relays, and software products that link electrical, mechanical, and electronic devices to networks and computers. Its products are used to monitor, control, and get data from all the machines and devices that

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broken encoder

Webinar: Four Steps to End Encoder Problems

Live webinar is Wednesday, May 6th at 2:00 p.m. EDT. Reserve your spot for the webinar by clicking the button below. In this webinar, Avtron Encoder Product Manager Brian Winter uncovers the biggest causes of encoder failure, and what you can do to eliminate these causes. Learn how to recognize problem(s), simplify mechanical issues on the

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